Portobello & Leith Community Wind Turbine Project

The content on this page (in the paragraph below this, and the links below that) will be updated very shortly, meanwhile treat them as historical background to the exciting next steps PEDAL is taking with our partners Greener Leith in seeking to secure a new site for community turbines. The idea is that the two  turbines being proposed for just south of Inverness can help the communities near where they will be sited, can help Portobello and Leith build resilience, and can hopefully be the start of co-operation in all sorts of other ways between these rural and urban communities. For more information see our latest (5th May 2014) news on Next Steps to New Site for Community Wind Energy Project? and see the new website PEDAL and Greener Leith have created that is dedicated to Community Turbines.

Historical Text and Links:

PEDAL, in partnership with neighbouring Greener Leith, is proposing to develop a commercial scale wind turbine on land at Seafield WasteWater Treatment Works, Seafield Road, to generate electricity for sale to landowners Scottish Water or export to the National Grid. If successful, this will be the first community owned income generating wind turbine in a UK city. Depending on the size of the turbine, it could save between 400 and 2000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent each year, powering between 300 and 1300 homes. In June 2011 we had a feasibility study completed that shows the site is indeed a good one for this type of facility.

10 responses to “Portobello & Leith Community Wind Turbine Project

  1. Miss Leslie Florence

    I would like to know if I can buy another “Porty Shopper” somewhere. I’ve worn my last one out and I really love it.


    • Hi there Leslie,

      We’re aware of the shortage of Porty Shoppers and we’re going to get some more made up very soon. We’ll be selling them at the market, on the first Saturday of each month. Hopefully they’ll be ready for the November market.

      All the best, Eva

  2. Hi, id like to meet to talk of renewable energy plans for our area, please send me dates of next meetings thanks very much, kind regards anna

    • Hi there Anna,

      Sorry it’s taken so long for us to reply – we only have volunteers working on PEDAL at the moment, so it can take a while. I’m keen to re-start our energy group, as the turbine project has been taken over by a very small group (which is necessary, as it’s got VERY technical), but there’s still more that we could be doing. If you’d like to meet, please get in touch with me: evaschonveld(at)gmail(dot)com.

      All the best, Eva

  3. im liveing in portybelo and very keen to come to energy meeting please contact me with future dates, thanks so much, lookforward to getting involved , anna

  4. Redbraes Residents Association

    Good luck in your project…. Your efforts have been outstanding and deserve recognition.

    Davie Thomson

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  7. I think this sounds like a great idea. It makes environmental sense to have a community turbine. Individual turbines are apparently less energy efficient and poorer value for money.
    The Northwind 100 looks like a good choice and there are several in place already to look at.

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