The bees need you…

Foxglove and bee

photo: Jane Lewis

The bees need you and we need the bees! Bees are important pollinators and honey producers; their numbers are declining. As part of the orchard project PEDAL are considering keeping bee hives in the orchard. It would need a committed group with,or to train to get, the skills to set up and look after the hives through the year.It could be a fascinating and rewarding way to spend some time.
If you are interested in this idea contact Tom Ballantine – ballantinehome [at] tiscali [dot] co [dot] uk or phone 0131 669 0582

3 responses to “The bees need you…

  1. It is so a bee! Just not a honeybee (the kind you keep in hives to make honey). It’s a bumblebee (the wild kind).

  2. I spent most of my life with bees (my dad keeps them) n I’m more than sure that the creature on the picture isn’t a bee :):):):):):):):)

  3. I know it’s the “wrong sort of bee” (as Pooh would say) but I like the picture!

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