Community Carbon Reduction Plan 2009

The changes we can make seem small, but everything we do to save energy helps. If we work togeth­er as a com­munity we can have an even great­er effect. To show just how effect­ive we think we can be, PEDAL has come up with some sug­ges­tions for an ‘Energy Descent’ or ‘Community Carbon Reduction Plan’. We’d really like to hear what you think of them.

PEDAL’s Energy Descent Action Plan 2005

In 2005 we began to devel­op our own Energy Descent Action Plan (EDAP) and to begin to take steps to imple­ment it. Many steps have been taken — by us and by oth­ers — which align with the plan. However since 2005 we have mostly focused on aware­ness rais­ing and get­ting pro­jects off the ground. We hope to now revis­it the 2005 vis­ion (see Porty Energy Descent Action Plan 2005) and see what to add, what to change, what to build on, what to dis­card. It’s a good moment to join us!

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  1. lynn blackburn

    Missing the Mica Store in Portobello high st.; was think­ing how use­ful it would be to have a shop to rent which could be both a recyc­ling centre and a place where loc­al people could donate/buy and source things like screws,nuts and bolts, refur­bished garden tools and , dare i say it, fork handles. My own cut­lery draw­er is full of stuff which “might come in use­ful” and so many people have sheds stacked with unused lengths of hose,plant pots,tools and garden hab­er­dash­ery. It would be an easy way for folk to share plants and seeds and i know there is a wealth of trade and expert­ise around which retired people may want to share. We don’t have any­where to have keys cut or blades sharpened. Jam jars, pal­lets, kind­ling and a place to volun­teer, bleth­er, get work exper­i­ence and meet the porty com­munity. Thanks for your time, best wishes , Lynn

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