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  1. Margaret Ritchie

    I would be inter­ested in selling small craft items, would like to know costs/committments details.

  2. I have an interest in a few of ur ideas. mainly the cycle paths, and prop­er util­isa­tion of the town hall. I would like to receive ur news­let­ter, and if i could be of any help please con­tact me.
    Thanks !

  3. Brilliant idea! Portobello is cry­ing out for an organ­ic mar­ket with food/crafts/baking etc. It’s the per­fect vil­lage atmo­sphere here and folk from oth­er parts of Edinburgh would make a day of it to come with their fam­il­ies and go to the beach etc.

    There is a huge moth­er and baby mar­ket here — many of the bubs and their breast­feed­ing mums are gluten/wheat/dairy free so it would be good to see more pro­duce like this. Unfortunately, there is a lack of free from options in Portobello cafes and cof­fee shops — loc­al busi­ness own­ers haven’t caught onto the fact that there is huge demand for this and the ‘free from’ mar­ket is the biggest grow­ing sec­tion in super­mar­kets in UK! A per­man­ent organ­ic shop/cafe in Portobello (some­thing like Earthy in Newington) would be well sup­por­ted.

  4. I am inter­ested in receiv­ing your news­let­ter and also wanted to enquire about organ­ic mar­ket stall. How much do you anti­cip­ate they will be? Will stall hold­ers be expec­ted to com­mit to all mar­kets — Sept — Jan? Windshiel is an organ­ic farm, pro­du­cing lamb, beef, pork & eggs in Berwickshire, Scottish Borders. Thanks!!

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