Bike to work

Photo from Flickr by .mw

Shadow Cycling (photo by .mw, from Flickr)

Would you like to cycle to work but don’t feel very con­fid­ent about doing so?

PEDAL has  begun co-ordin­at­ing bike to work rides for those new to cycle com­mut­ing and old hands alike. Cycling in a group can be fun and helps to build con­fid­ence. The next ride will be:

When: Monday 12th October at 9am

Where from: Porty Town Hall

Where to: top of Leith Walk or there­abouts — con­tact me if you would like to join us but work in a dif­fer­ent part of town and we’ll see what we can do.

Reduce your car­bon foot­print and get fit at the same time!

If you are inter­ested but can­’t man­age 12th Oct or if you already cycle to work and would be inter­ested in accom­pa­ny­ing less con­fid­ent cyc­lists along your usu­al route please con­tact me, Jane on 6695591 <>

Further dates will be pos­ted here.

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