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The Market Group is a col­lec­tion of people who help to over­see the oper­a­tion and ongo­ing devel­op­ment of Portobello Market. The group make decisions on what is sold at the mar­ket, provide stew­ard­ing on mar­ket day, and assist with pub­li­city and events. They also organ­ise a PEDAL pres­ence at the mar­ket.

Portobello Organic Market in the snow

Meetings of the group and relaxed, inform­al and open to any­one with an interest in the mar­ket. If you’d like to come along please con­tact for inform­a­tion on dates and ven­ue.

If you’d like to help run the PEDAL stall at the mar­ket, we’d really wel­come your time.  Please vis­it our on-line rota and add your name to any of the blank spaces next to the time slots. If things change and you can no longer offer your time please try to find anoth­er volun­teer in the first instance. Failing that please e‑mail to let us know.


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  1. I am the Community Editor of the Evening News and would like to include a short pro­file of the mar­ket in our Thursday Community Shopping page. I would need to speak to someone for about ten minutes plus arrange for you to send me a pic­ture of the mar­ket. I work Tues to Thurs but my mobile is 07708667333 or I will be back in the office Tuesday on 0131.620.8680. These pages are among those not online but you will see “State of Independents” slot in today’s paper (Feb 7)

    • Helen,

      I’ve for­war­ded your mes­sage to Graham Kitchener who runs out mar­ket. He will no doubt be in touch.

      He is at Portobello Market


      Tom Black

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