Aims of the Portobello Market

The aim of Portobello Market is to provide the people of Portobello with some­where to buy food that is loc­ally-pro­duced (from with­in South East Scotland), sea­son­al and where pos­sible organ­ic, plus loc­ally-made and upcycled crafts, while also provid­ing an out­let for loc­al pro­du­cers and retailers.

By doing this we hope it will:

  • Raise aware­ness of, and avail­ab­il­ity of, loc­al and organ­ic food and drink
  • Encourage exist­ing loc­al traders to think about the sourcing of their goods
  • Enhance the loc­al eco­nomy by encour­aging loc­al pro­duc­tion and sale

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