Food Group

The PEDAL Food Group is a col­lec­tion of people who are inter­ested in issues asso­ci­ated with the food we pro­duce and buy, and how Portobello can grow more of its own food and sup­port loc­al and organ­ic pro­du­cers. The group help to shape and run PEDAL’s food pro­jects, provide loc­al inform­a­tion, and act as advoc­ates with­in the wider com­munity in rela­tion to the pro­jects and sus­tain­able food generally.

Current mem­bers of the Food group are:

  • Jane Lewis
  • Eva Schonveld
  • Diana Cairns
  • Mary-Jane Elton
  • Callum MacDonald
  • Tom Ballantine
  • Jennifer Bow
  • Jim Morrison
  • Polly Cooke
  • Peter Upton

Meetings of the Group are relaxed, inform­al and open to any­one with an interest in loc­al food. If you’d like to com­ing along, please con­tact Polly or Peter on 0131 258 4483 or at or for inform­a­tion on dates and venue.