How can I find out more?

The PEDAL Energy group meets reg­u­larly to dis­cuss this and oth­er energy-related pro­jects. Meetings are inform­al and open to any­one in the Portobello com­munity. For more inform­a­tion click here.

We will also be giv­ing reg­u­lar updates through our quarterly news­let­ter. To receive your copy, con­tact us at

Alternatively, you can con­tact Justin Kenrick at

2 responses to “How can I find out more?

  1. Hey guys well done, the more renew­able pro­jects the bet­ter for us all. it would be goodto leave behind a small foot­print. If you need help with the Turbine give us al call down here in mancheser.

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