Portobello & Leith Community Wind Turbine Project

The con­tent on this page (in the para­graph below this, and the links below that) will be updated very shortly, mean­while treat them as his­tor­ic­al back­ground to the excit­ing next steps PEDAL is tak­ing with our part­ners Greener Leith in seek­ing to secure a new site for com­munity tur­bines. The idea is that the two  tur­bines being pro­posed for just south of Inverness can help the com­munit­ies near where they will be sited, can help Portobello and Leith build resi­li­ence, and can hope­fully be the start of co-oper­a­tion in all sorts of oth­er ways between these rur­al and urb­an com­munit­ies. For more inform­a­tion see our latest (5th May 2014) news on Next Steps to New Site for Community Wind Energy Project? and see the new web­site PEDAL and Greener Leith have cre­ated that is ded­ic­ated to Community Turbines.

Historical Text and Links:

PEDAL, in part­ner­ship with neigh­bour­ing Greener Leith, is pro­pos­ing to devel­op a com­mer­cial scale wind tur­bine on land at Seafield WasteWater Treatment Works, Seafield Road, to gen­er­ate elec­tri­city for sale to landown­ers Scottish Water or export to the National Grid. If suc­cess­ful, this will be the first com­munity owned income gen­er­at­ing wind tur­bine in a UK city. Depending on the size of the tur­bine, it could save between 400 and 2000 tonnes of CO2 equi­val­ent each year, power­ing between 300 and 1300 homes. In June 2011 we had a feas­ib­il­ity study com­pleted that shows the site is indeed a good one for this type of facility.

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