Portobello Warm Tenements

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Portobello Warm Tenements

Turn your hard-to-heat tene­ment into a hot property!

  • Make your flat warm­er and cosi­er, and save money too
  • Energy effi­ciency ideas for your home
  • Help apply­ing for insu­la­tion grants
  • Referral to accred­ited installers of insu­la­tion or sol­ar panels

Tenements are a unique fea­ture of the urb­an fab­ric in Scotland. They pose chal­lenges in terms of energy use due to their design, age and parts of the build­ing being held in com­mon ownership.

However there are also lots of energy sav­ing oppor­tun­it­ies for tene­ment house­holds. Energy effi­ciency meas­ures in one flat can bene­fit the oth­er prop­er­ties in a stair. For example, loft insu­la­tion in a com­mon loft can reduce fuel use even in ground floor flats by up to 7 per­cent, and in an upper flat by 20 per­cent. Solar hot water pan­els could provide the top floor flats with up to 70 per­cent of their annu­al hot water.

Portobello Warm Tenement scheme is run by PEDAL in part­ner­ship with Changeworks and ESSac. The scheme offers energy sav­ing advice to all house­holds in loc­al tene­ments, sur­veys to identi­fy poten­tial energy sav­ings for the whole build­ing, and roof sur­veys to find out wheth­er your tene­ment could have sol­ar hot water pan­els.  It also offers help with installing reduced cost meas­ures includ­ing loft insu­la­tion and sol­ar hot water pan­els.

If you live in a tene­ment in Portobello and want to find out more about the Portobello Warm Tenement scheme, or you want to book an energy advice vis­it from our Energy Worker and get star­ted on mak­ing your home warm­er and sav­ing money, please contact:

Charlotte Bickmore at charlotte@pedal-porty.org.uk or on 0131 258 4483.

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