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Let’s Join the Food Revolution: Film at St. Philip’s, Sunday 25 August 7.30 – 9.30pm

Growing Change is a spir­ited film about the prob­lems with the cur­rent food sys­tem and the food revolu­tion tak­ing place in Venezuela. Full of
inspir­ing char­ac­ters, stun­ning land­scapes and thought pro­vok­ing insights into how we might trans­form our food system.

This will be fol­lowed by a dis­cus­sion on how we might have our own loc­al food revolu­tion in Scotland: with Justin Kenrick and Eva Schonveld
from Transition Scotland, Mary Mulligan from Christian Aid and Jane Herbstritt from the World Development Movement.

Delegation of Thai officials visit PEDAL!

On 4th August a del­eg­a­tion of Thai offi­cials vis­ited the offices of PEDAL to find out about our plans for a com­munity owned wind tur­bine. This event was organ­ised by our pro­ject fun­ders, Community Energy Scotland.

After attempt­ing to ply them with vari­ous Scottish good­ies (smoked sal­mon, fruit scones) it became clear that our vis­it­ors had already been well fed at all the oth­er ven­ues they’d vis­ited in Edinburgh and Glasgow that day! So we moved straight to an inform­at­ive and pithy present­a­tion from PEDAL Board mem­ber Eva Schonveld on the aims of the Transition move­ment and its under­ly­ing philo­sophy. This was fol­lowed by a present­a­tion from Tom Black, Project Manager at PEDAL, on our plans for a wind tur­bine on the Promenade. Tom covered the work we’ve car­ried out to-date and some of the chal­lenges involved in devel­op­ing a tur­bine on this site.

There was a lively ques­tion and answer ses­sion, with the Thai del­eg­ates ask­ing more detailed ques­tions about how the pro­ject might work and how income from the tur­bine might be dis­trib­uted. We also found out a bit about the renew­able energy situ­ation in Thailand — it sounds like sol­ar power is a bet­ter option there com­pared to wind power. No sur­prises there! It was inter­est­ing to hear about the dif­fer­ences between the two coun­tries in terms of sup­port for vol­un­tary, com­munity-led efforts. It really struck us how for­tu­nate we are to have sup­port bod­ies like Community Energy Scotland.

Thai Delegate visiting PEDAL

Some of PEDAL’s Board mem­bers & staff with our new inter­na­tion­al friends!

Download the list of Thai del­eg­ates: Official Thai Delegation.