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Transition Edinburgh South Propose Talks

With find­ings based on their energy pro­jects, Transition Edinburgh South pro­pose two talks from spe­cial­ists if you are inter­ested in home energy effi­ciency. The talks will be fol­lowed by ques­tion and answers and will take place at Morningside United Church, Chamberlain road, from 7 – 9 pm.

Saving Energy in Tenement Homes Wednesday 23th Februrary

Two talks on improv­ing energy effi­ciency in Edinburgh Tenement flats. Gary Pearson (Changeworks) and Grigor Mitchell (Architect) will present the res­ults of their detailed energy sur­veys in tene­ment flats in south Edinburgh, identi­fy­ing the most cost effect­ive meas­ures for sav­ing energy and keep­ing warm at an indi­vidu­al flat and whole-build­ing level.

Renewable Energy in Traditional Homes 3rd March

An even­ing present­a­tion by Nick Heath (Changeworks) explor­ing the bene­fits, costs and prac­tic­al­it­ies of installing house­hold renew­able energy sys­tems such as sol­ar pan­els, heat pumps and wood-burn­ing stoves in tra­di­tion­al Edinburgh homes, includ­ing tene­ments. Followed by Q & A and discussion.

up to £400 towards a new energy efficient boiler!

The Energy Saving Scotland boil­er scrap­page scheme offers owner/occupiers up t0 £400 towards upgrad­ing their inef­fi­cient boil­ers to new energy effi­cient ones. The scheme opens on Tuesday 1st Feb 12.30pm — no vouch­ers will be giv­en or applic­a­tions taken before this time. It will allow upgrades of old inef­fi­cient boil­ers to help you save money and energy. For more details see the EST web­site

Water and Energy Advice

Did you know around 30% of an aver­age heat­ing bill is just for hot water? That’s around £200 a year.

A few simple changes to the way you use your water and energy can help you to cut costs. Your loc­al Energy Saving Scotland advice centre is offer­ing a free home water and energy vis­it or an in-depth tele­phone advice call to house­hold­ers to help them make sav­ings in their home. To book a free home vis­it or advice call please con­tact the Water Efficiency Advisor at the Energy Saving Scotland advice centre on 0131 539 4128.

The Energy Saving Scotland advice centre is fun­ded by the Scottish Government. Itprovides free and impar­tial advice about how to stop wast­ing energy and water at home.

Brrr! Wrap your home up warm with our extended insulation scheme

Our “Hotspot” Insulation scheme — offer­ing reduced price loft and cav­ity wall insu­la­tion — has been exten­ded, so is still avail­able for all suit­able house­holds in Portobello. The offer is being run by Energy Saving Scotland advice centre in part­ner­ship with PEDAL. If you would like more inform­a­tion, or to book a free sur­vey, please call 0800 512 012 to speak to an adviser at the Energy Saving Scotland advice centre. Continue read­ing

Solar Porty Scheme launched!

Please see here for more details

Hotspot Insulation Offer launch

The Portobello Hotspot offers fast track sur­veys and install­a­tion for reduced price loft and cav­ity wall insu­la­tion. It is avail­able to any­one in the Portobello area and is run by Energy Saving Scotland advice centre in part­ner­ship with PEDAL – Portobello Transition Town. A let­ter is going out at the end of August, in time for sur­veys and install­a­tion through September.

Loft and cav­ity wall insu­la­tion will be car­ried out by accred­ited installers McSence, a loc­ally-based social enter­prise com­pany with over 20 years exper­i­ence in installing insulation.

For a free no-oblig­a­tion loft or cav­ity wall sur­vey please call the Energy Saving Scotland Advice Centre dir­ect, on 0800 512 012.

£72,000 Wind Turbine grant funding announced!

Portobello’s plans to pro­duce and sell its own green elec­tri­city have taken a step for­ward with the announce­ment of a £72,000 fund­ing award for PEDAL.

The grant award from the Scottish Government’s Communities and Renewable Energy Scotland scheme is to pay for leg­al and plan­ning costs in estab­lish­ing a com­munity owned wind tur­bine on Portobello’s fam­ous Promenade.

The seafront power plan would see the cre­ation of the first com­mer­cial-scale com­munity power pro­ject in any Scottish city. When oper­a­tion­al, the Seafield tur­bine will gen­er­ate elec­tri­city for homes and busi­nesses in the east of Edinburgh.

Jane Lewis, Chair of PEDAL, said:

“We are thrilled that the cru­cial next stage in this excit­ing pro­ject has received fund­ing. Our ini­tial invest­ig­a­tions sug­gest that a wind tur­bine here could gen­er­ate plenty of clean energy. However, there’s still a long way to go before the tur­bine goes up, and we will be con­sult­ing widely with the loc­al com­munity later in the year.”

Tom Black, Project Manager with PEDAL, said:

“If it does go ahead, it could bring real bene­fits by redu­cing car­bon emis­sions, bring­ing in money that would be made avail­able for loc­al pro­jects, and rais­ing aware­ness of the renew­able energy resources that Edinburgh has on it’s doorstep.”

Today’s award will enable PEDAL to carry out a range of tech­nic­al stud­ies and seek plan­ning per­mis­sion, plus leg­al agree­ments with landown­ers. The tur­bine being con­sidered would be 47.5 metres from the base to the tip of the blade. If plan­ning per­mis­sion is gran­ted, PEDAL would be look­ing for a bank loan to meet the £470,000 costs involved in buy­ing and con­struct­ing the turbine.

The grant comes from the Communities and Renewable Energy Scotland (CARES) scheme, which is admin­istered by nation­al char­ity Community Energy Scotland on behalf of the Scottish Government. The CARES scheme offers grants and tech­nic­al advice to com­munity organ­isa­tions to help with the install­a­tion of a vari­ety of renew­able energy technologies.

Energy Fair in Town Hall 10th July

Please come along to our Energy fair in Portobello Town Hall. Between 11am and 4pm there will be altern­at­ive energy demos includ­ing bicycle powered music and smooth­ie mak­ing. You will be able to get energy advice, inform­a­tion on renew­able energy for your home, and advice on insu­la­tion grants.

Find out about about PEDAL’s  renew­able energy plans, and oppor­tun­it­ies to get involved in PEDAL projects.

There will also be inform­a­tion about PEDAL food pro­jects, as well as com­post­ing and waste reduc­tion tips.

Not for­get­ting a fant­ast­ic prize draw, with a first prize of an A rated energy effi­cient fridge freez­er, plus oth­er great energy-sav­ing gadgets!

Hope to see you there.

Fire Under the Stars: Environmental songs, stories and humour with Eric Maddern

We became human sit­ting round a fire under the stars. We are now burn­ing up the plan­et. We are a mir­acle in the Universe yet we are under­min­ing our sur­viv­al and the sur­viv­al of the Garden of Eden that is our lovely, lonely, liv­ing Planet Earth.

This show is a bold, inspir­ing, hope­ful and heart-warm­ing take on the big pic­ture and the step up we must make.

Eric Maddern is an Australian born storyteller, sing­er-song­writer and author

St. James’ Church hall, Rosefield Place

Sunday June 20th 7.30pm. Suggested dona­tion: £5. Suitable for all aged 10 upwards.

After the show there will be a chance to find out how you can get involved in PEDAL’s latest food and energy projects.

Eric is a great per­former and I’m sure it will be a great event!

Download the poster

Water saving campaign

By the first week of June every­one in Portobello should be receiv­ing a Home Water check form through their doors. By send­ing back com­pleted forms, indi­vidu­als will get a report on ways they can reduce water use. This can save energy and money, and cut car­bon emis­sions. Money can be saved by redu­cing hot water use and increas­ing effi­ciency of water heat­ing, but huge amounts of energy energy is also used to treat water for con­sump­tion and for it’s treat­ment after use, so by redu­cing unne­ces­sary water use we can cut car­bon emis­sions too. The water sav­ing cam­paign is being run by Energy Saving Scotland advice centre in part­ner­ship with PEDAL.

On Wednesday 2nd June there will be a stall in the Bath Street Scotmid store where Oliver Musgrave from Changeworks will be there to answer ques­tions about water sav­ing, and you can also find out about oth­er cur­rent PEDAL projects.