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Does organic food cost me more?

Many people like the idea of the organ­ic mar­ket and of eat­ing more organ­ic food, but believe the prices are just too high. Cheap food, often avail­able in the super­mar­kets through BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) offers and so on is good, surely? Actually, the answer is usu­ally NO!

‘Cheap’ food is, in fact, largely a myth and doesn’t actu­ally exist, because in the mean­time someone, some­where is pay­ing instead. Or the envir­on­ment is pay­ing; and when the envir­on­ment pays, we can be sure that, soon­er or later, the bill will fall on us.

Read more or this art­icle… Does organ­ic food cost me more?

Lourish ~ Spare produce that you want to swap?

Have you got a million marrows or too many tomatoes?

Swap your sur­plus for some­thing home grown & healthy near you in just a couple of quick clicks.

Lourish has been launched to help you share what you grow!

Lourish lets you swap your sur­plus fruit and veg with people grow­ing their own near you.

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First Portobello Organic Market does a roaring trade!

The first Portobello Organic Market took place on a very sunny Saturday 4th September. Over a peri­od of four hours, more than one thou­sand people des­cen­ded on Brighton Park to buy lovely loc­al and organ­ic food, drink and crafts. Initial feed­back from sev­er­al loc­al traders sug­gests that the event had a very pos­it­ive effect on High Street busi­nesses too.

The mar­ket was offi­cially opened with a short speech and rib­bon cut­ting by Councillor Tom Buchanan, Convenor of Economic Development at City of Edinburgh Council.

The mar­ket will con­tin­ue to run on the first Saturday of every month, from 10am to 2pm in Brighton Park. We are look­ing to ensure future events reflect the feed­back we have received — in par­tic­u­lar we aim to change the lay­out of stalls to reduce crowding, and to have a wider range of pro­duce for sale as well as stalls selling teas/coffees and hot and cold snacks.

You can view more inform­a­tion about the Organic Market and how to book a stall via these links.

Delegation of Thai officials visit PEDAL!

On 4th August a del­eg­a­tion of Thai offi­cials vis­ited the offices of PEDAL to find out about our plans for a com­munity owned wind tur­bine. This event was organ­ised by our pro­ject fun­ders, Community Energy Scotland.

After attempt­ing to ply them with vari­ous Scottish good­ies (smoked sal­mon, fruit scones) it became clear that our vis­it­ors had already been well fed at all the oth­er ven­ues they’d vis­ited in Edinburgh and Glasgow that day! So we moved straight to an inform­at­ive and pithy present­a­tion from PEDAL Board mem­ber Eva Schonveld on the aims of the Transition move­ment and its under­ly­ing philo­sophy. This was fol­lowed by a present­a­tion from Tom Black, Project Manager at PEDAL, on our plans for a wind tur­bine on the Promenade. Tom covered the work we’ve car­ried out to-date and some of the chal­lenges involved in devel­op­ing a tur­bine on this site.

There was a lively ques­tion and answer ses­sion, with the Thai del­eg­ates ask­ing more detailed ques­tions about how the pro­ject might work and how income from the tur­bine might be dis­trib­uted. We also found out a bit about the renew­able energy situ­ation in Thailand — it sounds like sol­ar power is a bet­ter option there com­pared to wind power. No sur­prises there! It was inter­est­ing to hear about the dif­fer­ences between the two coun­tries in terms of sup­port for vol­un­tary, com­munity-led efforts. It really struck us how for­tu­nate we are to have sup­port bod­ies like Community Energy Scotland.

Thai Delegate visiting PEDAL

Some of PEDAL’s Board mem­bers & staff with our new inter­na­tion­al friends!

Download the list of Thai del­eg­ates: Official Thai Delegation.

Volunteering opportunities with PEDAL

We have a great pro­gram of events hap­pen­ing over the next few months, includ­ing three Organic mar­kets, a car-free day and an allot­ment open day. If you can spare an hour or two to help out on a stall, set up stalls and dis­plays, or as a stew­ard at any of these events then please let us know. To find out more, vis­it our volun­teer­ing page to see what oppor­tun­it­ies are avail­able, or ring PEDAL on 0131 258 4483.

Vacancy for Project Administrator at PEDAL

A vacancy has now opened at PEDAL for a Project Administrator. This post is fun­ded through the Future Jobs Fund.


Project Administrator


Candidates must be aged 18 – 24 and claim­ing Job Seekers Allowance

Closing Date

16th August 2010


The post is for 25 hours a week, is paid at National Minimum Wage and will last for 6 months.

Additional Support

The suc­cess­ful applic­ant will be giv­en addi­tion­al train­ing rel­ev­ant to the post and in-work sup­port from ded­ic­ated Access to Work Coordinators

Please con­tact your Job Centre Plus Advisor to dis­cuss wheth­er you are eli­gible for this vacancy

Please down­load the job description:

Project Administrator Job Description

The Future Jobs Fund pro­gramme is run by The City of Edinburgh Council and Partners