Inspired by Falkirk? a Community Charter for Portobello?

This link takes you to the extraordin­ary Community Charter Falkirk has drawn up in the attempt to pro­tect its cul­tur­al and eco­lo­gic­al her­it­age against any devel­op­ments which the com­munity as a whole decide pose a threat to it.

It is in response to pro­posed meth­ane extrac­tion, but should Portobello do the same? If we did, it would be key that such decisions were taken by the com­munity as a whole, and arrived at through pro­cesses that secure consensus.

… and here is a lovely link to a brief video of kids at The Big Dig in Falkirk

(nb: this is a post by Justin, no one else is respons­ible for it!)


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