Fancy(Bike)Dress?! for Bike Full Day/ Car Free Day 2013

If you fancy not only com­ing to the ‘Strictly Cycling’ per­form­ance out­side the Town Hall at 11am on Sunday but also join­ing in for (some of?) the cycle ride along the Prom and then the cycle track to the Mela at Leith Links, then why not dress up your bike for the occasion?!

After the 30 minutes ‘cycle-about’ show (11am to 11.30am on Sunday September 1st 2013) out­side the Town Hall, they’ll take an hour’s break (11.30 to 12.30) before set­ting off from the Cake stand on the Prom at the bot­tom of Marlborough Street at 12.30 to cycle along the prom­en­ade to Leith links, with as many cycle of us as feel like join­ing them!


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