Free insulation for Porty households (and across south east Scotland)!

City of Edinburgh Council (and oth­er loc­al author­it­ies across south east Scotland) have made free cav­ity wall and loft insu­la­tion avail­able to house­holds regard­less of their income. This offer is open to all homeown­ers and ten­ants of private land­lords. The only require­ment is that your home can take cav­ity and/or loft insu­la­tion. It will also cov­er meas­ures to enable the work to hap­pen, such as scaf­fold­ing or enlarge­ment of loft hatches.

To access this fant­ast­ic offer phone 0800 512 012, or text ‘Warm’ to 81025, or e‑mail

Measures will be alloc­ated on a first come, first served basis, so you are encour­aged to apply quickly. Loft insu­la­tion alone can save on aver­age £175 a year on heat­ing costs! Have you got yours yet?

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