The end of economic growth?

In this straight­for­ward 5 minute film - ‘Who killed eco­nom­ic growth?’ - Heingerg argues that the end of growth star­ted in 2008 and that the so called “recov­ery” is only a sleight of hand to mask, for a while, the unavoid­able decline.

Even more reas­on to focus on reju­ven­at­ing our loc­al eco­nomy in a way that can help us to meet our real needs for food, energy, warm homes, and a thriv­ing community.

As this (com­pleted unre­lated!) ‘dreaded stairs’ 2 minute video demon­strates, the best way to encour­age people to make pos­it­ive changes is to make them fun!

The Organic Market is a great place for kids to play, and adults to talk — and there were some really use­ful dis­cus­sions of the fin­an­cial melt­down, which led to my post­ing this video. It also led to an even­ing of dis­cus­sion organ­ised by the Dalriada Conversations group — with two superb present­a­tions by Peter McColl and Donald Bloxham, fol­lowed by an excel­lent and spir­ited dis­cus­sion. We hope to hold more open dis­cus­sions of related cru­cial issues. When we do, we’ll let you know. (Justin)

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