The first ever Portobello Organic Market!

basket of veg by Rosemary RatcliffWe now have a site, times and prices set for the mar­ket! The first one is on Saturday 4th September 10am to 2pm in Brighton Park, Brighton Place.  It is also Organic Fortnight and Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight, so more good reas­ons to come along and buy loads of lovely Scottish Organic pro­duce.  Have a look at the updated webpage for more info.  Details of stall hold­ers and enter­tain­ments will be pos­ted as they are con­firmed.

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  1. How do you sell things in the mar­ket?
    Do you have to pay for a table?

  2. Hi,
    Wasn’t able to attend the first mar­ket, but after the great repu­ta­tion and attend­ance last month I made sure this week­end was free, I have heard a lot about the mar­ket and there was a lot of great organ­ic and loc­ally pro­duced product… definately a great thing to see!
    The one major dis­ap­point­ment was the refresh­ments, I had been led to believe that there would be fresh cof­fee and tea’s avail­able at the Market (rumour had it a few loc­al cof­fee com­pan­ies had been invited), on arrival I saw a little stand that was char­ging me £1 for “organ­ic cof­fee”, great I thought. That was until I real­ised all they were selling was pre-ground instant organ­ic cof­fee, which can be bought in any super­mar­ket or organ­ic shop and then hav­ing the nerve to charge £1 for the priveledge of adding some over­boiled water to it!… A very dis­s­ap­point­ing end to what was oth­er­wise a great day out

    • Thanks for the feed­back Matt, glad you enjoyed the mar­ket but sorry to hear about the dis­ap­point­ing cof­fee. This is the first time we’ve had refresh­ments avail­able, and I agree qual­ity is para­mount. We are still review­ing the range of stalls and pro­duce on offer, and very much hope to have fresh cof­fee for sale at the next one.

  3. Hi Tom, thanks for the quick response & com­pre­hens­ive explan­a­tion. My com­ments were spur of the moment (but entirely genu­ine) on arriv­ing home after my vis­it to your mar­ket. I am a great sup­port­er of organ­ic pro­duce espe­cially bread & cheese. Indeed I had been greatly look­ing for­ward to the mar­ket after hear­ing about it 8 week pri­or to the launch. I feel that this is soemth­ing that Portobello genu­inely needs and had hoped for a suc­cess­ful launch. I do how­ever have some con­cerns over your per­cent­ages. 60% organ­ic seems extremely low and as shown by yes­ter­days events, can lead to non-organ­ic creep. Thanks again, Gerry.

  4. Have just atten­ded the first mar­ket in Brighton Park and sadly it will be my last The lay­out of the stalls were too close togeth­er lead­ing to over­crowding and at least a third of the stall resembled a car boot sale where frankly the sale of toys, pens & DVDs are as far removed from organ­ic fair as a gen­er­ic ham­burger. Whilst it may grow and prosper it will be without our sup­port. All in all an oppor­tun­ity missed.

    • Dear Gerry,

      Thanks for your feed­back on our first mar­ket. I’m sorry you feel that way, the vast major­ity of feed­back we had was pos­it­ive. However, we would agree with both your points and these were flagged by oth­er people so we will be look­ing to make changes for the next one. Please bear with us — we are learn­ing how to run a good qual­ity mar­ket and this was only or first!

      The reas­on the stalls were so close togeth­er is that we were told by the Council we could­n’t have cus­tom­ers tramp­ling the grass, so we were to try to keep them to the pav­ing. We wer­en’t expect­ing such huge num­bers of people! Health and safety is some­thing we take very ser­i­ously and we will speak with the Council about chan­ging the lay­out for 2nd October to a single line of stalls run­ning fur­ther round the park, which should reduce any crowding to an accept­able level.

      On the qual­ity of the stalls, we aim to have at least 60% of stalls selling food or drink that is organ­ic or has a major­ity of organ­ic ingredi­ents. The remain­ing stalls are open to loc­al people selling arts & crafts in an attempt to sup­port loc­al artists and stim­u­late loc­al pro­duc­tion and sale. We are less strict on the cri­ter­ia they have to meet but are keen on folk selling goods made from organ­ic, loc­ally pro­duced or recycled mater­i­als — and sev­er­al traders on Saturday met these cri­ter­ia. We were as sur­prised as you when someone turned up selling pens and dvds, as they had told us they were selling loc­ally pro­duced arts and crafts. The oth­er stall you refer to, selling toys, was run by a loc­al nurs­ery. We will be review­ing which traders will be invited to have a stall in the future. Some people have sug­ges­ted we open the mar­ket up to sellers of second hand goods as this would help meet the aims of the Transiton move­ment, but we have res­isted this so far as qual­ity is para­mount and we don’t want to run a flea mar­ket. Please view our stall­hold­er policy here‑2/

      We hope you can bear with us dur­ing this start up phase of the mar­ket and would be delighted to have your cus­tom at future mar­kets. Otherwise, our apo­lo­gies.

      Tom Black
      Project Manager
      PEDAL — Portobello Transition Town
      Project Manager

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