Water saving campaign

By the first week of June every­one in Portobello should be receiv­ing a Home Water check form through their doors. By send­ing back com­pleted forms, indi­vidu­als will get a report on ways they can reduce water use. This can save energy and money, and cut car­bon emis­sions. Money can be saved by redu­cing hot water use and increas­ing effi­ciency of water heat­ing, but huge amounts of energy energy is also used to treat water for con­sump­tion and for it’s treat­ment after use, so by redu­cing unne­ces­sary water use we can cut car­bon emis­sions too. The water sav­ing cam­paign is being run by Energy Saving Scotland advice centre in part­ner­ship with PEDAL.

On Wednesday 2nd June there will be a stall in the Bath Street Scotmid store where Oliver Musgrave from Changeworks will be there to answer ques­tions about water sav­ing, and you can also find out about oth­er cur­rent PEDAL projects.

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