4 New PEDAL Project workers!

PEDAL -> Portobello Transition Town has recruited 4 work­ers to run a new pro­ject aim­ing to reduce the col­lect­ive car­bon foot­print of Portobello and to devel­op loc­al resources to meet the needs of our com­munity.

Project Manager:
We have employed an exper­i­enced man­ager to man­age our pro­jects and fin­ances, fund raise, com­mu­nic­ate our vis­ion, and devel­op our Transition response to Climate Change and Peak Oil.

Two Food Workers:
One Energy Worker:

We have employed 3 devel­op­ment work­ers: two spe­cial­ising in food and one in energy. In devel­op­ing their par­tic­u­lar area of work, they will be organ­ising a range of events, pro­du­cing pub­li­city mater­i­als and — we hope — work­ing with you to gal­van­ise a high level of com­munity involve­ment, meet­ing the chal­lenges of Climate Change and Peak Oil through facil­it­at­ing mean­ing­ful social change.

These posts cur­rently run until the end of March 2011.

4 responses to “4 New PEDAL Project workers!

  1. Hi Tommy
    Can you take my name on 26 May 2011, 00:47 pos­ted on Talk Porty, just make it ‘kaori’ rather than Kaori Simpson. Its just that icomes up on google page if someone type in my name, sorry about that but like not be on google!

  2. Michael Traill

    No prob­lem.

    I fully sup­port the work of the organ­isaton and wish you lot all the best.

    I was going to become a mem­ber ages ago but I refuse to use cheques! Greener Leith I see oper­ate an online pay­ment meth­od sim­il­ar to Paypal which offers a very quick and simple way to pay ones mem­ber­ship fee.

    Keep up the good work !

  3. Agree that’s some­thing we should do Michael, and I’ll try to get it done as soon as pos­sible, for both Board mem­bers and staff. At the moment things are pretty busy what with set­ting up the office, sys­tems and pro­jects. Please bear with us.


    Tom Black
    Project Manager
    PEDAL — Portobello Transition Town

  4. Michael Traill

    It would be great to have some kind of pro­file up here of each of the pro­ject staff.

    There might even be some mer­it in hav­ing someone inform­a­tion on the site about who runs the organ­isa­tion, brief profiles/listing of the board per­haps?

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