‘Age of Stupid’ Porty Premiere — what’s next? ‘Home’!

It looks as though the next film is likely to be ‘Home’, we expect it to be shown at St Philips on Wednesday 14th October … but we await confirmation …

But, just to remind you of the last film: The Porty Premiere of Age of Stupid film Sunday 21st June at St Philips Church Hall, Brunstane Road North was a great suc­cess. Tea, cakes, wine and beer were laid on by the St Philips fim soci­ety … the film was power­ful … the dis­cus­sion led by Ewan Aitken of eco-con­greg­a­tions was really good.

Thanks to Stewart Weaver of  St Philips, and Jane Herbstritt of the World Development Movement for mak­ing this happen!

If you missed it, the Age of Stupid is well worth see­ing: it’s well made, fast mov­ing, cov­ers the issues, has good and enga­ging human stor­ies in it BUT (or should that be AND?!) it does face the facts of cli­mate change very dir­ectly and is ima­gin­ing a per­fectly pos­sible scen­ario in which human­ity is about to be no more. This is a vital real­ity to face in order that we don’t take that route

…  Age of Stupid website

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