Get involved in PEDAL

…or on a more individual basis

  • Talk to your stair about planting a few fruit trees and /or
    bushes in your back green/garden
  • Get a compost bin for your back green/garden and invite all
    in your stair to use it (information on home composting)
  • Buy local
  • Walk, cycle, get the bus, take the train, join the City Car
  • Sign the pledge not to fly
  • Join a local eco-team and support each other to reduce your
    energy use, produce less waste and reduce your carbon emissions
  • Sign the pledge not to consume more than you need
  • Recycle whatever you can
  • Look into putting solar panels and/or a windmill on your roof (you might be able to get a grant)
  • Insulate your home – don’t leave your front door open!
  • Use low energy light bulbs
  • Switch to a green energy electricity supplier (eg Good Energy or Ecotricity)
  • Turn your heating thermostat down a few degrees
  • Turn all machines off — don’t leave anything on standby
  • Try managing without a freezer/fridge/dishwasher/tumble
  • Don’t buy heavily packaged food
  • Organise a local clothes swap evening with your friends
  • Give unwanted items to a charity shop or to another home via Freegle
volunteer with PEDAL