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  1. Margaret Ritchie

    I would be interested in selling small craft items, would like to know costs/committments details.

  2. I have an interest in a few of ur ideas. mainly the cycle paths, and proper utilisation of the town hall. I would like to receive ur newsletter, and if i could be of any help please contact me.
    Thanks !

  3. Brilliant idea! Portobello is crying out for an organic market with food/crafts/baking etc. It’s the perfect village atmosphere here and folk from other parts of Edinburgh would make a day of it to come with their families and go to the beach etc.

    There is a huge mother and baby market here – many of the bubs and their breastfeeding mums are gluten/wheat/dairy free so it would be good to see more produce like this. Unfortunately, there is a lack of free from options in Portobello cafes and coffee shops – local business owners haven’t caught onto the fact that there is huge demand for this and the ‘free from’ market is the biggest growing section in supermarkets in UK! A permanent organic shop/cafe in Portobello (something like Earthy in Newington) would be well supported.

  4. I am interested in receiving your newsletter and also wanted to enquire about organic market stall. How much do you anticipate they will be? Will stall holders be expected to commit to all markets – Sept – Jan? Windshiel is an organic farm, producing lamb, beef, pork & eggs in Berwickshire, Scottish Borders. Thanks!!

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