Transport – If everyone lived as we do we’d need 3 planets to support us

Q: Can we reduce transport CO2 emissions?

Does your travel to work, shop, or for leisure emit CO2?

Could we change the way we work, shop and play to mean that we need to travel less?

A: PEDAL suggests: a thriving Portobello!

“Use it or lose it” – local library, shops, swimming baths, pubs, churches, shamanic centres, bingo, Zen priory, yoga, kids woodcraft, judo, music – you name it, it’s happening here!

We could campaign for better bike routes to Leith, Musselburgh and the City and – for those of us with cars – remember to use buses, bikes, the city car club, walk and share journeys when we can!

And, of course, as well as the ideas in the carbon reduction plan we are proposing, we can help to make the streets (and future) safer for kids by ending the use of cars for the school runs…