Bike to work

Photo from Flickr by .mw

Shadow Cycling (photo by .mw, from Flickr)

Would you like to cycle to work but don’t feel very confident about doing so?

PEDAL has  begun co-ordinating bike to work rides for those new to cycle commuting and old hands alike. Cycling in a group can be fun and helps to build confidence. The next ride will be:

When: Monday 12th October at 9am

Where from: Porty Town Hall

Where to: top of Leith Walk or thereabouts – contact me if you would like to join us but work in a different part of town and we’ll see what we can do.

Reduce your carbon footprint and get fit at the same time!

If you are interested but can’t manage 12th Oct or if you already cycle to work and would be interested in accompanying less confident cyclists along your usual route please contact me, Jane on 6695591 <jane [at] gn [dot] apc [dot] org>

Further dates will be posted here.

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