As the climate heats up, PEDAL proposes we take the heat off the planet, and put it on planners and politicians to give priority to cycling, walking, public transport, and to tackling the causes of climate change.

One way of doing this is to push for changes on the ground here in Portobello that can make sustainable transport attractive and viable. Another is to make a public statement about our need for different policies for transport.

Car Free Day

Worldwide, cities and towns enjoy World Car Free Day. Places like Brussels are car free for a day. Imagine that! Imagine cities and towns where people come first, and where planners know that increasing road space for cars simply increases congestion, by making other forms of transport harder to use. If you haven’t already made a habit of joining us for a colourful procession of bikes through Portobello on Car Free Day/ Bike Full Day, then do bring your wheels to the Town Hall at 11am on Sunday September 1st 2013 for the Bicycle Ballet followed by biking along the Prom and the cycle way to Leith Links for the Mela!

Bike to work

Would you like to cycle to work but don’t feel very con­fid­ent about doing so?

Lothian Buses Doors Open Day – 28 September 2013


Transport and the Community CO2 Reduction Plan

Another avenue to sustainable transport is through the Transport Section of PEDAL’s draft Community CO2 Reduction Plan, which proposes:

  • A Portobello Car Sharing Pool: providing facilities to allow car shares, with local maintenance.
  • Local Bike Pools: locally maintained, with several stations around Portobello. Covered and secure bike racks on backgreens or roads.

Clearly these are just a couple of proposals. We’d really like to hear your thoughts on these and any other suggestions you might have. Please have a look at the Community Carbon Reduction Plan being proposed in the Energy section of this website.

Transport Links to Useful Websites

. . . to start making step by step changes today to enable us to be healthy, save money, make community and restore the urban and ecological environment

Transport – if everyone lived as we (currently) do . . .

. . . we’d need 3 planets to support us