Edinburgh Garden Partners

Do you have difficulty looking after your garden?  Could you share it with someone who will care for and use it?

Or perhaps you’d like to grow fruit, vegetables or flowers but don’t have access to a garden?

EGP matches garden owners with volunteers who are looking for a bit of space to grow things on. Folk who are anxious because their gardens are getting out of hand can find help from volunteers, and could also receive an agreed share of the produce.  Volunteers looking for somewhere to grow their own can enjoy a safe, rent free space in return for some of the produce or a bit of help with tending the garden.

If you or someone you know would like to find out more, please contact us.

We are now here: www.edinburghgardenpartners.org.uk and city wide again. Those interested in being a garden partner either to grow your own or to share their garden can call 0131 220 5067.

4 responses to “Edinburgh Garden Partners

  1. Edinburgh Garden Partners has moved. Please note our new phone number is 0131 347 0529 and our address is 1 Osborne Terrace, c/o Care and Repair Ltd, Edinburgh EH12 5HG

  2. Hi all,

    Our wonderful garden share project became a charity back in Feb 2011. We are now called Edinburgh Garden Partners.

    If you want to grow your own and don’t have a garden, or if you would like to share your space and need help to look after your garden, then get in touch with the EGP team and become a garden partner!

    Look forward to hearing from you

    Claire & Nim
    0131 220 5067

  3. Martine Robertson

    Hello, I have a reasonably garden back and front. I havea busy life and can barely manage one. I would love someone too take over the front. Flowers, fruit, veg, whatever would be thier pleasure. However I live in Port Seton, any help you can give me to finding a partner, I would be most grateful, Best wishes. Martine

    • Hi Martine, our scheme has now closed and was run in partnership with Care & repair Edinburgh. So I’m really sorry but not sure we help.

      Kind regards,


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