Portobello Market

Portobello Market com­pli­ments Portobello’s already vibrant and thriv­ing High Street, selling local and organic fruit, veg, meat, fish, bak­ing, and more.  Although food is the core of the mar­ket, we also include a selec­tion of local crafts and other organic products.

Handful of leeksThe mar­ket is held in Brighton Park, just 5 minutes walk from Portobello High Street and all the fant­astic shops and amen­it­ies there.  You can find your way to the mar­ket with this MAP.

Markets are held on the first Saturday of every month, start­ing at 9.30am and clos­ing at 1.30pm. Dates are given below. Click on those with links to view details of stall­hold­ers and pro­duce available.

Please con­tact us if there is some­thing spe­cific that you would like to see at the market.

If you are inter­ested in hav­ing a stall, please visit our stall­hold­ers page for more inform­a­tion and con­tact details.

Following a couple of enquir­ies we have tried to answer the ques­tion Does organic food costs me more?

PEDAL began Portobello Market with fund­ing to run trial mar­kets over five months from September 2010. These proved to be a huge suc­cess. The mar­ket is now run by a pro­fes­sional mar­ket oper­ator — Market Craft — who  provide stalls, organ­ise stall book­ings, and ensure the mar­ket com­plies with all rel­ev­ant legis­la­tion. PEDAL remains the licenses holder and over­sees the smooth oper­a­tion and ongo­ing devel­op­ment of the mar­ket through a volun­teer Market Group. Click on the link to find out more or get involved.

Find out more about the aims of Portobello Market.

44 responses to “Portobello Market

  1. Hi

    I have been search­ing for some local raw honey as suf­fer from a few dif­fer­ent health issues and have heard of some amaz­ing heal­ing prop­er­ties that your honey has.

    I hope you are hav­ing a busy season?!

    Have you any for sale?


  2. Where can I buy Portobello Honey ?
    i don’t see it

  3. hello,where can i buy por­to­bello honey? i don’t look it

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  5. Hi

    I was won­der­ing how I could go about set­ting up a table selling sauces and dress­ings at the market

    please get back in touch with any rel­ev­ant information

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  7. Kiera Fitzgerald

    Hello I am a pupil at leith academy high school and me and my friend make ster­ling sil­ver, pre­cious stone jew­ellery. We would love if we could get a stall in the 1st of April if that is possible.

    We are try­ing to rase money for our trip to china with school.

    Please get back to me as soon as possible

    Kind Regards

    Kiera Fitzgerald and Caitlin Thompson

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  10. Does any­one know the name of a glass­blow­ing type stall? He sold glass bowls blown onto drift­wood. Any quick responses help­ful. :)
    The name may have begun with ‘Bone &’

    • Hi there Pauline,

      Sorry not to get back sooner. I sug­gest that you email Graham, the mar­ket man­ager dir­ectly — he will know for sure. His email is:

  11. Can you please send me details of how I apply to have a stall and what are the cri­teria to have one. Thank you.

    • Hi there Alex,

      Sorry for the delay in get­ting back to you. You are best get­ting straight in touch with Graham, the mar­ket man­ager. His email is:

      All the best, Eva

  12. Hi,
    I am a trained black­smith and candle-maker look­ing to pro­duce qual­ity hand-made candles and candle sticks, sconces, free-standing hold­ers etc. I would be inter­ested in find­ing out how I go about secur­ing a space at the PCF.


    • Hi there Ed,

      Apologies for not get­ting back to you sooner. Please con­tact Graham, the mar­ket man­ager dir­ectly on:

      Cheers, Eva

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  15. Is there a mar­ket on 6th April 2013. M Thx Ursula

  16. Elaine McGeachie

    I am inter­ested in a stall for March. How would I go about book­ing this? Can you send me fur­ther inform­a­tion regard­ing this please?

    Thank you!

  17. Hi,

    I’m inter­ested in hav­ing a stall at the mar­ket on Sat (2nd Feb). Can you please provide me with details on who to con­tact etc?


  18. I am con­tact­ing you on behalf of the Young Enterprise Committee in St. Margaret’s Academy in Livingston. We noticed that the mar­ket also con­tains craft stalls and so we are inter­ested in hav­ing a stall, for one Saturday to begin with, in order to show­case and sell our products. Our com­pany, “I Iove…”, focuses on per­son­al­isa­tion with products such as can­vas bags, per­son­al­ised pho­to­graphs, S6 leav­ers items as well as sea­sonal products. We also offer set designs, all cre­ated by mem­bers of our team.Young Enterprise is a national com­pet­i­tion where groups of young people cre­ate and man­age a prof­it­able business.

    We would be delighted if you would con­sider offer­ing us a dis­count on the cost of a
    stall in order to sup­port our Young Enterprise Project. We cer­tainly would be able to pro­mote the mar­ket, includ­ing men­tion­ing it in any press/promotional materials.


  19. Irene McKechnie

    Where can I buy Portobello Honey?

    • Hi Irene and Jackie

      Sadly there is no Portobello honey on sale this year as the bees did not pro­duce much because of the poor sum­mer. Fingers crossed for a good sum­mer next year!

  20. Hi where can i buy por­to­bello honey?

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  27. sarah fairbrother

    I am inter­ested in find­ing out about grow­ing pro­duce loc­ally on dis­used land. I have tried email­ing the grow­ing link but it appears not to be work­ing. Can you tell me where I can find out more inform­a­tion and how I can make my interest known to the group?

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  31. Has the mar­ket fin­ished? Why no dates after 5th Feb?

    • Hi Stuart,

      Am happy to say the mar­ket will be con­tinu­ing on the first Saturday of every month form here on. The first five mar­kets — September to February — were pilots to see if the thing would work. And it has. So we have now con­trac­ted a pro­fes­sional mar­ket organ­iser — Market Craft — to run things on the day. PEDAL will remain the license holder and will there­fore have final say on the type/range of pro­duce on sale.

      The next mar­ket will be on Saturday 5th March.

      Thanks for your interest,


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  33. I am inter­ested in hav­ing a stall for tom­morow, can you please email me and let me know if I can come along at 9.45am, pay you and set up, are you expect­ing it to be busy, have you done much advertising?

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