Portobello Market

Portobello Market compliments Portobello’s already vibrant and thriv­ing High Street, selling local and organic fruit, veg, meat, fish, bak­ing, and more.  Although food is the core of the mar­ket, we also include a selec­tion of local crafts and other organic products.

Handful of leeksThe market is held in Brighton Park, just 5 minutes walk from Portobello High Street and all the fantastic shops and amenities there.  You can find your way to the market with this MAP.

Markets are held on the first Saturday of every month, starting at 9.30am and closing at 1.30pm. Dates are given below. Click on those with links to view details of stallholders and produce available.

Please con­tact us if there is some­thing spe­cific that you would like to see at the market.

If you are interested in having a stall, please visit our stallholders page for more information and contact details.

Following a couple of enquiries we have tried to answer the question Does organic food costs me more?

PEDAL began Portobello Market with funding to run trial markets over five months from September 2010. These proved to be a huge success. The market is now run by a professional market operator — Market Craft — who  provide stalls, organise stall bookings, and ensure the market complies with all relevant legislation. PEDAL remains the licenses holder and oversees the smooth operation and ongoing development of the market through a volunteer Market Group. Click on the link to find out more or get involved.

Find out more about the aims of Portobello Market.

41 responses to “Portobello Market

  1. We just wanted to ask if there are any stalls currently that specialise in dehydrated foods such as beef jerky?

    If so please contact us. Thanks!

  2. Hi

    I was wondering how I could go about setting up a table selling sauces and dressings at the market

    please get back in touch with any relevant information

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  4. Kiera Fitzgerald

    Hello I am a pupil at leith academy high school and me and my friend make sterling silver, precious stone jewellery. We would love if we could get a stall in the 1st of April if that is possible.

    We are trying to rase money for our trip to china with school.

    Please get back to me as soon as possible

    Kind Regards

    Kiera Fitzgerald and Caitlin Thompson

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  7. Does anyone know the name of a glassblowing type stall? He sold glass bowls blown onto driftwood. Any quick responses helpful. 🙂
    The name may have begun with ‘Bone &’

    • Hi there Pauline,

      Sorry not to get back sooner. I suggest that you email Graham, the market manager directly – he will know for sure. His email is:

  8. Can you please send me details of how I apply to have a stall and what are the criteria to have one. Thank you.

    • Hi there Alex,

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. You are best getting straight in touch with Graham, the market manager. His email is:

      All the best, Eva

  9. Hi,
    I am a trained blacksmith and candle-maker looking to produce quality hand-made candles and candle sticks, sconces, free-standing holders etc. I would be interested in finding out how I go about securing a space at the PCF.


    • Hi there Ed,

      Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Please contact Graham, the market manager directly on:

      Cheers, Eva

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  12. Is there a market on 6th April 2013. M Thx Ursula

  13. Elaine McGeachie

    I am interested in a stall for March. How would I go about booking this? Can you send me further information regarding this please?

    Thank you!

  14. Hi,

    I’m interested in having a stall at the market on Sat (2nd Feb). Can you please provide me with details on who to contact etc?


  15. I am contacting you on behalf of the Young Enterprise Committee in St. Margaret’s Academy in Livingston. We noticed that the market also contains craft stalls and so we are interested in having a stall, for one Saturday to begin with, in order to showcase and sell our products. Our company, “I Iove…”, focuses on personalisation with products such as canvas bags, personalised photographs, S6 leavers items as well as seasonal products. We also offer set designs, all created by members of our team.Young Enterprise is a national competition where groups of young people create and manage a profitable business.

    We would be delighted if you would consider offering us a discount on the cost of a
    stall in order to support our Young Enterprise Project. We certainly would be able to promote the market, including mentioning it in any press/promotional materials.


  16. Irene McKechnie

    Where can I buy Portobello Honey?

    • Hi Irene and Jackie

      Sadly there is no Portobello honey on sale this year as the bees did not produce much because of the poor summer. Fingers crossed for a good summer next year!

  17. Hi where can i buy portobello honey?

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  24. sarah fairbrother

    I am interested in finding out about growing produce locally on disused land. I have tried emailing the growing link but it appears not to be working. Can you tell me where I can find out more information and how I can make my interest known to the group?

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  28. Has the market finished? Why no dates after 5th Feb?

    • Hi Stuart,

      Am happy to say the market will be continuing on the first Saturday of every month form here on. The first five markets – September to February – were pilots to see if the thing would work. And it has. So we have now contracted a professional market organiser – Market Craft – to run things on the day. PEDAL will remain the license holder and will therefore have final say on the type/range of produce on sale.

      The next market will be on Saturday 5th March.

      Thanks for your interest,


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  30. I am interested in having a stall for tommorow, can you please email me and let me know if I can come along at 9.45am, pay you and set up, are you expecting it to be busy, have you done much advertising?

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