Fruitful Porty

Portobello has a good climate for growing apples, pears, plums and cherries, and there are many such fruit trees in people’s gardens. However, many of us are spending good money every week on fruit imported from abroad.

So PEDAL is inviting Portobello residents, businesses and landowners to become part of Fruitful Porty. The aim is to increase the amount of fresh fruit grown, stored and consumed in Portobello, and to raise awareness of the amazing variety of apples, pears and so on that are no longer available in the shops (but could be again one day!)

Owners of new and existing fruit trees can become part of the Fruitful Porty orchard.  Those who join up will receive invitations to community harvesting and celebration days, where local people will join together to pick, store, preserve, cook and eat the fruit.

Following our promotion and sale of more than 300 new fruit trees in Porty, we would like to keep in touch with their owners, providing information on taking care of trees, pruning and other courses, apple juicing events etc.

I you have a mature fruit tree but can’t use all the fruit and would like to share it with others, please get in touch and we’ll help. We can also help you make juice from your excess fruit for your own consumption. PLEASE TELL US about trees or gardens where orchard fruit  may be going to waste!

Be proud to be part of Fruitful Porty, growing and eating healthy, local, seasonal, pesticide-free Portobello fruit!

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