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Growing veg

Fruit tree care

Love New Year Love Your Food!

The best, most local, organic, and tasty food is food that you have grown, prepared and cooked yourself!  We want to help everyone in Portobello to grow what they can, on their windowsill, in their garden, or on an allotment or on our planned community farm.

We also want to help local people save money and reduce carbon emissions by learning how to preserve food, reduce the amount of food they throw away, or compost what’s left over.

PEDAL has been running a series of courses and demonstrations this year on growing, preparing and cooking your own food. We ran several courses on growing veg in late spring and early summer, and one on pruning fruit trees and bushes in August. This Autumn we had courses on bread making, pickle making, and cooking with scraps.

If you didn’t make it along to these courses, but would be interested if we ran some more on these or other topics please let us know.

We are also adding useful links and references to the relevant pages above or below:

For more information contact Polly Cooke, Food Worker, at polly [at] pedal-porty [dot] org [dot] uk or on 0131 258 4483.

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