PEDAL wants to help and encourage local people and businesses to produce and buy more of their food locally, and from organic sources. This means identifying and getting access to land that could be used for growing food, and enabling local people to re-learn the skills needed for producing and preparing food. It also means encouraging people to re-establish connections with local and organic producers, buy more of produce from them, and celebrate local food!

PEDAL currently has two food related projects up and running: Portobello Organic Market provides a range of locally-produced and organic food and crafts for sale, and Donkeyfield Community Orchard is being developed into a local fruit growing and educational resource.

There are three groups focussed on developing food initiatives, click on the links below to find out more about the work of the groups or join one:

In 2010 PEDAL was awarded a one-year grant from the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund to take forward a range of projects aimed at enabling and encouraging people in Portobello to grow or buy more local food. Some of the projects we ran have finished now, but you can find more information on them all here. We have plans to develop a wide range of food initiatives that, together, we hope will underpin the creation of a stronger local food economy and enable local people to grow more of their own food. Current and planned initiatives are shown in the diagram below.

I am a friend of Local Food Advisor, visit the site to find your local food supplier

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