Visioning Day 15th March 2009

Portobello Community Centre

This was a great opportunity to think imaginatively abut how we can transform Portobello into a vibrant, resilient place which is capable of providing for the needs of its residents and meeting the challenges of the future.

We built on the work PEDAL has already done, and took a no-holds-barred imaginative journey into Portobello’s future, from where we worked back to the steps we need to take now to start making that vision a reality.

We revisited what is inspiring about the Transition approach, revisited the Energy Descent Action Plan (EDAP) we developed in the early years of PEDAL, and saw how the projects we’ve since undertaken – including the CO2 reduction plan – can be shaped by, and reshape, the plan to enable Portobello to make the transition to a sustainable future.

Sunday 15th March 2pm to 5pm