From ‘Open Space’ tea-breaks to ‘Post-it’ ceilidhs!

We recently hosted a very well attended and productive Community ‘Open
Space’ forum
on Sunday 27th of November. This was a
community consultation exercise based on the idea of an extended coffee
and tea break.

Following on from this, PEDAL are organising a Community Consultation ‘Post-It’ Ceilidh for Saturday the 11th of March from 7.30pm to midnight , at Portobello Town Hall. Bella McNab’s Dance Band will provide the music and there will be a
Bar, Raffle and Food. Tickets £7/ £5 (concession) are available from Portobello Stationers.

This Ceilidh will build on the success of November’s Forum, and on the huge success of the Portobello Campaign Against the Superstore.

Come and enjoy the music, poetry and dancing and also have a chance to add your input into the exciting range of imaginative initiatives being developed as part of creating a sustainable future for Portobello. These include pushing for a community buy-out of the superstore site.

The Ceilidh will involve musicians, poets, and Ceilidh bands from Portobello. The ideas that emerged from November’s ‘Open Space’ forum will be posted up on the walls alongside a huge map of Portobello and of the ex-Scottish Power site. There will be very brief updates on the campaign from the stage at various points, and people will be encouraged to read the ideas and developing strategies on the posters and to add post-its to the posters and maps with their own comments, thoughts, ideas and suggestions on them.