Solar Porty – what we need to know

We now have a fantastic offer from Glendevon Energy, an accredited installer with many years of experience in solar hot water installations. They are offering excellent prices for AES or Kingspan solar thermal panel installations for suitable homes in Portobello (please see the Solar Porty leaflet for more details).

If you are interested in having a survey to see if your house is suitable and to confirm a price, we will need to know;

1. Number of people in your household (adults + children)
2. Number of bedrooms
3. A picture of your property showing most South facing roof (or alternatively your permission for us to come and take a photo). If you don’t have a roof that faces roughly south, please take a photo of the most West facing roof.
4. Whether you are within the conservation area (if you know this information)
5. If your property is a listed building (if you know this information)

This information will help us identify whether planning permission is likely to be granted. If you are outwith the conservation area you will not need to apply for planning permission, and we can pass your details straight to Glendevon Energy who will then get in touch with you to arrange a free survey.

If you are within the conservation area we will be able to get an informal opinion from City of Edinburgh Council planning department on whether you are likely to get planning permission to go ahead with any work. If you are deemed likely to get planning permission you will qualify for a free survey from Glendevon Energy.

This offer is for a limited time period, so please get in touch as soon as possible, and feel free to call or email with any questions you may have.
0131 258 4483/ charlotte [at] pedal-porty [dot] org [dot] uk

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