Portobello Warm Tenements

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Portobello Warm Tenements

Turn your hard-to-heat tenement into a hot property!

  • Make your flat warmer and cosier, and save money too
  • Energy efficiency ideas for your home
  • Help applying for insulation grants
  • Referral to accredited installers of insulation or solar panels

Tenements are a unique feature of the urban fabric in Scotland. They pose challenges in terms of energy use due to their design, age and parts of the building being held in common ownership.

However there are also lots of energy saving opportunities for tenement households. Energy efficiency measures in one flat can benefit the other properties in a stair. For example, loft insulation in a common loft can reduce fuel use even in ground floor flats by up to 7 percent, and in an upper flat by 20 percent. Solar hot water panels could provide the top floor flats with up to 70 percent of their annual hot water.

Portobello Warm Tenement scheme is run by PEDAL in partnership with Changeworks and ESSac. The scheme offers energy saving advice to all households in local tenements, surveys to identify potential energy savings for the whole building, and roof surveys to find out whether your tenement could have solar hot water panels.  It also offers help with installing reduced cost measures including loft insulation and solar hot water panels.

If you live in a tenement in Portobello and want to find out more about the Portobello Warm Tenement scheme, or you want to book an energy advice visit from our Energy Worker and get started on making your home warmer and saving money, please contact:

Charlotte Bickmore at charlotte [at] pedal-porty [dot] org [dot] uk or on 0131 258 4483.

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