Energy – If everyone lived as we do we’d need 3 planets to support us

Q: How many Portobello folk does it take to change a lightbulb?

Typically 30% of your domestic electricity bill is spent on lighting your home. An energy efficient bulb costs more to buy than a normal one – but in its longer lifetime it will save you about £36 per bulb.

If each house in the country installed three energy saving bulbs, it would save enough energy to run the country’s street lights for a year.

If everyone in Europe switched we’d save 28 mega tonnes of CO2 – the output of 12 medium sized power plants.

What if we didn’t just change our lightbulbs?

Energy used close to where it’s made saves 69% on efficiency, and avoids the average 7.4% loss incurred in long distance transfer.

As well as embarking on ways of dramatically reducing our energy use through insulation, reduced car use, producing food and everything we need closer to home, should we be campaigning for community-owned renewables schemes in Portobello? … small-scale wind, bio-mass, solar, wave power and small-scale hydro.

PEDAL suggests Portobello-produced energy!