PEDAL’s suggested community CO2 reduction plan:

Love it? Want to change it? Let us know what you think!

  1. Our houses:

    • Mass insulation programme: 1000-2000 households would have their houses insulated to reduce their emissions by 20%, saving money and energy.
    • High spec. insulation pilot: helping to move technology forward: 20 buildings would be insulated using up-to-the-minute technology to reduce their emissions by 70%, with solar thermal heating fitted where possible.
  2. Our transport

    • Portobello Car Sharing Pool: we would set up a scheme to make it easy to car share, and provide local maintenance.
    • Local Electric Bike Pools: much easier to cycle into town on a locally maintained electric cycle, with several stations around Portobello. In addition, placing on-street covered and secure bike racks for people’s bicycles would make using one’s own bike much easier.
    • Portobello Local Office: would you work one day a week in a comfortable, flexible, local office space?
    • Holiday Time-Share Co-op: how about a week or two a year in Portobllo’s own wind-powered Highland Cottage?
  3. What we eat

    • Portobello Patchwork Farm group: run by an organic gardener/farmer, who would work the land and involve local people in growing food, tending hives, etc. The produce will feed into the Portobello Community Supported Agriculture scheme.
    • The Portobello CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) scheme: working with, orsupporting, local farmers to provide locally grown, organic fruit and veg on a weekly basis.

Let us know what you think by:

  1. Dropping in to our office, 90 Portobello High Street – we can help with energy saving advice (and give you a free energy saving light bulb while stocks last!) and listen to your views on how Portobello can best tackle climate change.
  2. Coming along to a public planning meeting in February/ March
  3. Filling in our questionnaire either with one of our door-to-door researchers, here on-line (coming soon!), or from the library or the PEDAL office.


Immediate simple actions we can all take . . .

. . . to contribute to reducing our communities emissions (and our bills!)

  • Change your light bulb: switching to energy efficient light bulbs uses 80% less energy, lasts for years and saves you money. PEDAL are offering 1000 free energy saving light bulbs to people who want to join our ‘Community New Year’s Resolution’. Portobello can lose 3 tonnes of Carbon in 3 months if 1000 people pledge to install a light bulb* this January.  Although 3 tonnes is just a fraction of our community’s Carbon footprint, it would be almost impossible for an individual to lose that much in 3 months on their own.  We want to show how effective we can be if we work together as a community.

we could lose tonnes more CO2 if we all tried a couple more ideas:

  • Reduce car use: journeys under 2 miles are the worst offenders, so try walking, cycling or taking the bus. If you need to take a car, share lifts ( Also consider using the City Car Club (
  • Unplug and turn off: almost £800 million worth of energy is wasted in the UK each year by leaving things plugged in and switched on at the socket – so turn TVs, games consoles and mobile phone chargers off at the mains. £140 million a year is wasted through leaving lights on in unused rooms, so turn them off on your way out!