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Portobello Market, Saturday 2nd February 2019

The light­er nights are get­ting near­er, Spring will soon be on the way, and it will be half term hol­i­days in a few weeks. As if that wasn’t enough to look for­ward to the Portobello Market is back on Saturday 2nd February! Hoorah!

Gates open in Brighton Park at 9.30 and we run until 1.30.

Brighton Place is closed to traffic from the High Street end but open to vehicles from the top end. Pedestrian access to the park is unin­ter­rup­ted, and the clos­ure at one end has provided an increase in park­ing, so please come along and sup­port us.

BG Cycles will be back on site to give a free check to your bicycle to keep you safe on the roads.

Check out the PEDAL web­site for a full list of traders.

Please Like and Share our Facebook page, PortyMarket

Electric Bungalow Community Garden


Members of the Electric Bungalow Community Garden would like to thank the wider com­munity in Portobello for all their sup­port and encour­age­ment after the garden on Bath Street was bull­dozed last Thursday.

bath st memorial

Please feel free to drop by and add some­thing (per­haps draw a flower on the pave­ment, weave cloth or wool into the fence) to add to our memori­al just out­side.

The group is con­sid­er­ing our next steps and will post plans on the face­book group and the PEDAL web­site in due course.

PEDAL ‘Street Level’ — make it happen on your street!


Would you love to have a street party on your street — but nev­er got round to mak­ing it hap­pen? Or do you think car-shar­ing with a few people who live close by would make sense, but you’re not sure how to go about it? Maybe you think it’s crazy that 10 people in your street have a lawn mower, when you could all just use the same one?

If so, Street Level may be for you.

It’s not com­plic­ated – just the chance to bring togeth­er a bunch of people who’d like to start some­thing good on their street — so they can share a bit of mor­al and prac­tical sup­port. Let’s get togeth­er, share ideas and resources and sup­port one anoth­er to make good things hap­pen on our streets.

The kinds of things we might do are:

Organise street parties

Join Streetbank

Get on-street bike stor­age

Start com­munity gar­dens

Build on-street planters/trees

Make or com­mis­sion pub­lic art

Share chick­ens

Start food/solar/insulation co-ops…

… stuff like that.

If you’re inter­ested, email or call Eva

Pedal powered cinema at Occupy & Transition films, 5th and 12th December

Two films over two weeks re-launch­ing the Transition film even­ings (note dif­fer­ent times and ven­ues);
*Please keep an eye out for this monthly reg­u­lar event start­ing Jan 2012*

Mon 5th Dec. 6pm : Pedal-powered cinema!! with Occupy Edinburgh and Powerpod
Venue : Occupy, St Andrew Square
Screening : Money As Debt

Please come ready to cycle power the film keep­ing you warm at the same time!!

Money as Debt is a short anim­ated doc­u­ment­ary by Paul Grignon about the mon­et­ary sys­tems prac­tised through mod­ern bank­ing. The film presents the pro­cess of money cre­ation by banks and warns of the eco­nom­ic sys­tem itself being the root causes of mon­et­ary instabil­ity.

* If any­one can bring their bike along to help power the film, we’d appre­ci­ate more bikes (with flat sur­faced tires)!! Please let Roland know on ;

Mon 12th Dec. 7.30pm
Venue : Brass Monkey pub, 14 Drummond St.
Screening : Age of Stupid

Age of Stupid – film/documentary nar­rated by an arch­iv­ist in 2050, look­ing back and ask­ing ‘Why didn’t we save ourselves when we had the chance? Director Franny Armstrong (McLibel) used the “crowd-fund­ing” mod­el to fin­ance the film, and then spent four years fol­low­ing sev­en real people’s stor­ies from around the world to be inter­weaved: an Indian entre­pren­eur strug­gling to start a new low-cost air­line, a Shell employ­ee in New Orleans who res­cued more than 100 people dur­ing Hurricane Katrina, an 82-year-old French moun­tain guide watch­ing his beloved gla­ciers melt, two Iraqi refugee chil­dren search­ing for their eld­er broth­er, a young woman liv­ing in des­per­ate poverty in Nigeria’s richest oil area and a wind­farm developer in Britain bat­tling those who don’t want his tur­bines to spoil their view.

! Help needed !
We need some help pro­mot­ing and fly­er­ing this event which will be a reg­u­lar monthly gath­er­ing from Jan 2012. If you can take some fly­ers / posters away to put in pub­lic places, we’d be grate­ful for any sup­port. Likewise any­one who can spend an hour or two tak­ing a stroll around your loc­al shops, cafes and lib­rar­ies to put up posters, will be much loved by many !

Bike route Ambassadors needed!

The Bike Station is look­ing to recruit ten volun­teer “bike route ambas­sad­ors” for a new social media pro­ject in Edinburgh. The ambas­sad­ors will help to pro­mote a new map of Edinburgh’s extens­ive off-road cycle routes and walk­ways, many of which are based on old train lines that once ran through the city.

The Innertube Map is based on the clas­sic London Tube Map, and aims to raise aware­ness of the city’s impress­ive net­work of routes. 30,000 cop­ies of the map have just been prin­ted, and the team behind the pro­ject recently received fund­ing from The People’s Postcode Lottery Dream Fund to take the pro­ject to a whole new level.

The role of the ambas­sad­ors will be to cov­er dif­fer­ent sec­tions of the route near to where they live for both a group blog and an inter­act­ive online ver­sion of the map.

They’ll be trained to use mul­ti­me­dia 3G phones so that they can blog, tweet, and take geo-tagged pho­tos, videos and audio record­ings of what’s hap­pen­ing on and around the routes, and draw atten­tion to prob­lems like fly-tip­ping and lit­ter where they occur.

You don’t have to be a cyc­list to become one of  the ambas­sad­ors — all sorts of people use the routes, for everything from walk­ing their dogs to horse rid­ing. But we are look­ing for people who are act­ive and engaged loc­al cit­izens, inter­ested in the poten­tial of the routes, and ideally inter­ested in learn­ing about social media.

You’ll also receive bike safety and main­ten­ance train­ing, and will help pro­ject part­ners Edinburgh and Lothians Greenspace Trust in import­ant con­ser­va­tion work on some of the routes around the city.

If you’re inter­ested in becom­ing an ambas­sad­or you can email for more inform­a­tion about the role.


Planting Week at Greendykes Allotments

Greendykes Organic Allotments are hold­ing a Planting Week between 4 – 11th March. To kick start things they are look­ing for volun­teers to help plant 200 nat­ive trees on 4th March between 10am — 2pm.

Tools, gloves and refresh­ments will be provided. Bring spades or extra plants if you have them!

For fur­ther inform­a­tion please con­tact Brian Shields on 0131 6613504 (wk) or 0131 6605351 (hm) or

Local Food Links Meeting

Local Food Links

Tuesday 25th January from 7 – 9pm

Portobello Community Centre

At the last Local Food Links get togeth­er we talked about what we wanted to to achieve in a years time…now we want to get things mov­ing!

We want to bring togeth­er as many people as pos­sible who have been involved in PEDAL’s food pro­jects,  and people who are inter­ested in loc­al food but haven’t yet man­aged to get involved.  Folk will be able to choose the top­ic they’re most keen on and work with oth­ers to plan what can be done over the next year.

There are exist­ing pro­jects like Fruitful Porty or the Portobello Organic Market, which has been incred­ibly suc­cess­ful, but is only fun­ded until the end of March, so it needs volun­teers if it is to con­tin­ue being the great com­munity event it is.  As well as ideas for new pro­jects rais­ing loc­al food aware­ness or set­ting up a com­munity shop.

So, if you are inter­ested in the future of loc­al food in Portobello, come along!

We hope to see you there!

For more inform­a­tion on the first loc­al food links meet­ing see our earli­er post­ing and food page

First Portobello Organic Market does a roaring trade!

The first Portobello Organic Market took place on a very sunny Saturday 4th September. Over a peri­od of four hours, more than one thou­sand people des­cen­ded on Brighton Park to buy lovely loc­al and organ­ic food, drink and crafts. Initial feed­back from sev­er­al loc­al traders sug­gests that the event had a very pos­it­ive effect on High Street busi­nesses too.

The mar­ket was offi­cially opened with a short speech and rib­bon cut­ting by Councillor Tom Buchanan, Convenor of Economic Development at City of Edinburgh Council.

The mar­ket will con­tin­ue to run on the first Saturday of every month, from 10am to 2pm in Brighton Park. We are look­ing to ensure future events reflect the feed­back we have received — in par­tic­u­lar we aim to change the lay­out of stalls to reduce crowding, and to have a wider range of pro­duce for sale as well as stalls selling teas/coffees and hot and cold snacks.

You can view more inform­a­tion about the Organic Market and how to book a stall via these links.

Volunteering opportunities with PEDAL

We have a great pro­gram of events hap­pen­ing over the next few months, includ­ing three Organic mar­kets, a car-free day and an allot­ment open day. If you can spare an hour or two to help out on a stall, set up stalls and dis­plays, or as a stew­ard at any of these events then please let us know. To find out more, vis­it our volun­teer­ing page to see what oppor­tun­it­ies are avail­able, or ring PEDAL on 0131 258 4483.