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Electric Bungalow Community Garden


Members of the Electric Bungalow Community Garden would like to thank the wider community in Portobello for all their support and encouragement after the garden on Bath Street was bulldozed last Thursday.

bath st memorial

Please feel free to drop by and add something (perhaps draw a flower on the pavement, weave cloth or wool into the fence) to add to our memorial just outside.

The group is considering our next steps and will post plans on the facebook group and the PEDAL website in due course.

PEDAL ‘Street Level’ – make it happen on your street!


Would you love to have a street party on your street — but never got round to mak­ing it hap­pen? Or do you think car-sharing with a few people who live close by would make sense, but you’re not sure how to go about it? Maybe you think it’s crazy that 10 people in your street have a lawn mower, when you could all just use the same one?

If so, Street Level may be for you.

It’s not complicated – just the chance to bring together a bunch of people who’d like to start something good on their street – so they can share a bit of moral and prac­tical sup­port. Let’s get together, share ideas and resources and sup­port one another to make good things hap­pen on our streets.

The kinds of things we might do are:

Organise street parties

Join Streetbank

Get on-street bike storage

Start community gardens

Build on-street planters/trees

Make or commission public art

Share chickens

Start food/solar/insulation co-ops…

… stuff like that.

If you’re interested, email info [at] pedalporty [dot] org or call Eva

Give it a second chance …

Thanks to Castle Rock Edinvar Housing Association, a new community enterprise has set up in neighbouring Craigmillar offering good quality, low cost recycled furniture, white goods, TVs, kettles, toasters, microwaves, paint, flooring, curtains etc. –  all you need to make a home on a very low budget.  Marc 2 are now looking for both customers and donations, so do call in at 67 Peffer Place, EH16 4BB – the unit where Duddingston Bakery used to be.  And if you need a good quality new bed or mattress, while you’re down that way you might pop in to Blindcraft to see what they have to offer and support the area’s oldest local community enterprise.