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Bill McKibben is talking on Fossil Fuel Divestment in Edinburgh, 30th October

 If it’s wrong to wreck the cli­mate, then it’s wrong to profit from that wreckage.

We’re all con­nec­ted to insti­tu­tions that claim to be look­ing out for the pub­lic good, from local coun­cils and gov­ern­ments, to uni­ver­sit­ies, pub­lic banks and reli­gious insti­tu­tions. Many of these insti­tu­tions, how­ever, con­tinue to sup­port the fossil fuel industry whether we know it or not. Given that we have to leave 80% of the proven reserves of coal, oil and gas in the ground in order to avoid cata­strophic changes to our cli­mate, these insti­tu­tions have a respons­ib­il­ity to stop sup­port­ing an industry whose busi­ness model is based on wreck­ing our future.

This autumn Bill McKibben, the crew, and a wide range of cli­mate lead­ers will hit the road to help build a move­ment strong enough to change the ter­ri­fy­ing maths of the cli­mate crisis. The Fossil Free Europe Tour isn’t your typ­ical lec­ture – it will include speak­ers from across social move­ments, power­ful videos, and music from the ground-breaking artist Filastine. Grab a ticket and be part of a unique and com­plete exper­i­ence, unlike any talk you’ve been to before.

7-10pm, 30th October, 

Asembly Hall on the Mound
Mound Pl 

Here’s the link to book a ticket:

Talk: The Intertwined World of “Peak” Oil, Renewables and Sustainability by Dr Michael Shaver

Please join us for the first Our Changing World Lecture, The Intertwined World of “Peak” Oil, Renewables and Sustainability by Dr Michael Shaver

on Tuesday, 24 September

from 18:30 to 20:30

Lecture Theatre 4, Appleton Tower
11 Crichton St 

Our world depends upon energy — energy to drive our cars, energy to heat our homes, energy to trans­port our food, energy to fab­ric­ate our con­sumer goods. Our depend­ence upon pet­ro­leum resources, and the vari­able dif­fi­culty it takes to get these resources, will there­fore have implic­a­tions well bey­ond fuel prices.
In this lec­ture we will look at both pet­ro­leum resources and renew­able feed­stocks as sources of our chem­ical needs, and the rela­tion­ship between energy and sus­tain­ab­il­ity.
We will dis­cover that the tools chem­ists have been invent­ing for cen­tur­ies are now inad­equate: using the field of poly­mer chem­istry as an example we will exam­ine the new paradigm of chem­ical sustainability.

Doors open at 6.15pm.
Please note:
This event may be pho­to­graphed and/or recor­ded for pro­mo­tional or recruit­ment mater­i­als for the University and University approved third parties.
For any fur­ther inform­a­tion please con­tact the admin­is­trator: Lauren Sandford, Lauren [dot] Sandford [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk.

Book here:



Portobello Book Festival is back! Oct 4-6th

Portobello Book Festival is with us again October 4th to 6th at both the Library and the Old Parish Church Hall on Belfield Street.

The line up is look­ing great, and includes:

Lesley Riddoch speak­ing on books that have inspired her at 2.15 upstairs in the Library on Sunday 6th. Lesley has her­self just brought out an inspir­ing book — Blossom — on how we have been brought up to think we can’t make a dif­fer­ence to our local com­munit­ies so there is no point tak­ing action, and yet just how much inspir­ing local action is tak­ing place across Scotland.

Andrew Whitley at 3.15 upstairs in the Library speaks on ‘Food for thought: Bread for life’ — his book Bread Matters is described as a prac­tical manual and a bread revolu­tion manifesto!

PEDAL stall and hair braiding at Village Fair, 8th Sept

PEDAL will have a stall at the Village Fair 2-5pm on Sunday 8th September in Rosefield Park.

We encour­age you to come and buy a T shirt or three, and maybe buy some plants and tools, and chil­dren are wel­come to come and get their hair braided!

Midmar Allotments Open Day: 2-5pm, Saturday 24th August

Please come and look around our award-winning site; relax in Midmar Café and enjoy deli­cious home bak­ing and refresh­ments whilst tak­ing in the beau­ti­ful views of Edinburgh. Fresh allot­ment pro­duce, flowers, jams and pre­serves avail­able. Try your luck in the tombola.

Open from 2-5pm

Saturday 24th August

Entry via two gates on Midmar Drive in South Edinburgh, EH10 6BU

‘Strictly Cycling’ Cycle Ballet: Car Free Day/ Bike Full Day, 11am, 1st September

Not so much Car Free Day as Bike Full Day — Sunday September 1st 2013!

Strictly Cycling (Raysto Images)

Strictly Cycling (Raysto Images!

Strictly Cycling is an excit­ing new ‘cycle-about’ show com­bin­ing impro­visa­tion, cho­reo­graphy and visual per­form­ance. The per­form­ance plays with the every­day events and exper­i­ences of rid­ing a bike, adding a hint of the sur­real and com­ical, to change the way you think about cyc­ling and your city spaces.

Strictly Cycling is a strolling / cyc­ling, promenade-style per­form­ance inspired by the flash mob phenomenon. 

The per­form­ance will last about 30minutes.  Then the com­pany will take a break from 11.30 to 12.30 before set­ting off from the Cake stand on the Prom at the bot­tom of Marlborough Street to cycle along the prom­en­ade to Leith links, with as many cycle mob fol­low­ers as feel like join­ing them! So come to the per­form­ance out­side the Town Hall at 11am and

Today's to do list

then join in for as much of the cycle ride along the Prom and then the cycle track to the Mela at Leith Links as you feel like.


Let’s Join the Food Revolution: Film at St. Philip’s, Sunday 25 August 7.30 – 9.30pm

Growing Change is a spir­ited film about the prob­lems with the cur­rent food sys­tem and the food revolu­tion tak­ing place in Venezuela. Full of
inspir­ing char­ac­ters, stun­ning land­scapes and thought pro­vok­ing insights into how we might trans­form our food system.

This will be fol­lowed by a dis­cus­sion on how we might have our own local food revolu­tion in Scotland: with Justin Kenrick and Eva Schonveld
from Transition Scotland, Mary Mulligan from Christian Aid and Jane Herbstritt from the World Development Movement.

Portobello Market, Saturday 3rd August

Will the heat wave come to the mar­ket!? Who knows, but it doesn’t mat­ter either way because there’s always a warm atmo­sphere and lots of fun to be had at the market.

There’ll be live music and face paint­ing of course.

It’s been a great year so far for Portobello Market, and August looks like a bumper crop of traders, the most so far this year. We’ll even have a real espresso cof­fee van on site! Woohoo! 

Our loyal reg­u­lars are there with their organic meats, breads, fruit & veg, oils, cheeses, candles, soaps and garden fur­niture, together with crafts, out­door garden fur­niture, plants, nat­ural rem­ed­ies & ther­apies. The list goes on. Amazing variety!

Check out the PEDAL web­site for more details and for a full list of stall­hold­ers.

So come along between 9.30 and 1.30 at Brighton Park on Brighton Place, Portobello, and join in the fun.

Orchard work day and pruning workshop 29th June

29th June orch­ard  10.00 till 2.00pm

The sum­mer prun­ing work­shop will be led by David Catt From Borders Organic Gardening Group from 11.00am till 12.00pm. Teaching will be at 11.00 till noon. We are ask­ing for a dona­tion for the tuition (Around £5.00). This will go towards the cost of mow­ing the orch­ard. Bring gloves secateurs if you have them .

‘Do The Math’: 29th May, 7pm

Join us on Weds 29th May 7pm

AT North Edinburgh Arts, 15a Pennywell Court, Edinburgh EH4 4TZ

It’s simple maths: we can emit 565 more gigatons of car­bon diox­ide and stay below 2°C of warm­ing — any­thing more than that risks cata­strophe for life on earth. The only prob­lem? Burning the fossil fuel that cor­por­a­tions now have in their reserves would res­ult in emit­ting 2,795 gigatons of car­bon diox­ide – five times the safe amount.

Fossil fuel com­pan­ies are plan­ning to burn it all — unless we rise up to stop them.  Come and see the film that shows how to do it: Do the Math.