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Next Steps to New Site for Community Wind Energy Project

Long standing supporters of PEDAL will remember that we won a UK-wide funding competition, in partnership with Greener Leith, to help us build a community owned wind turbine at Seafield.

visualisation of how the turbines will look from a local access route.

Visualisation of how the turbines will look from a local access route.

P&L Turbine hub-heightAlthough Scottish Water subsequently pulled out of the deal, preventing us from building a turbine at Seafield, we did not give up, and are now pleased to be able to confirm that we’ve secured a new site for the community turbine project – four kilometres south west of Inverness.

The agreement follows a year of complex negotiations. The land deal gives us exclusive rights to conduct studies at the site and build two wind turbines of up to 800KWp capacity each.

P&L Turbine tomfat-mapTo take the project forwards we have established a joint venture company which is majority owned by PEDAL and Greener Leith. Consultants to the project, SCENE, own a minority (five percent) stake.

In addition, planning permission has recently been granted to install a met mast on the site to measure the wind resource, which will happen in the next month or so.

The next step is to meet with the communities near to the site.  We hope local non-profit groups will become partners in the project too, and are offering them the chance to invest in, and become part owners of it. We want this to be a project that brings real environmental and financial benefits, not just to our own communities, but to those where the turbines will be located.

We’ve already begun this process and will be presenting on the project at Strathnairn Community Council’s meeting on 26th May.

The aim is to submit a full planning application to Highland Council sometime in August. If it gets planning permission, the project could generate an estimated £7m surplus over the twenty year lifespan of the project, to be distributed between the community groups who invest in the project – including PEDAL  and Greener Leith.

A spokesperson for the project said:

“Signing a land deal is a huge milestone for this project. PEDAL and Greener Leith volunteers have worked for years on this project and both organisations remain firmly committed to community-owned renewable energy. Our attention is now focussed on identifying potential non-profit community partners local to the site who we can work with to help us take the project forwards and share in the subsequent benefits.

“Although a lot still needs to happen before we can be certain the project will go ahead, we hope to put in a full planning application later in the year, with a view to starting construction on site in 2015. We’d like to thank all the people who have got behind the project, especially our key funders, for their ongoing support.”

You can find out more about the project at the specially set-up website at

Feeding the 5,000: 12-4pm, 5th October, Bristo Square and Potterrow

On Saturday 5th October, in Edinburgh’s Bristo Square, 5,000 people will be invited to share a delicious free meal from ingredients that might otherwise have been thrown away.

 Time: October 5, 2013 from 12pm to 4pm
Location: Bristo Square and Potterrow
Organized By: Nourish Scotland

Event Description:
On Saturday 5th October, in Edinburgh’s Bristo Square, 5,000 people will be invited to share a delicious free meal created by volunteers, celebrity chefs and community groups from ingredients that might otherwise have been thrown away. The meal will be served between noon and 4pm. 
This will be the very first time that Scotland has hosted a Feeding the5000 event ( and follows events in cities around the world including London, Sydney and New York.
This event is being co-ordinated by Nourish Scotland in close co-operation with several partners including the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Students’ Association , the City of Edinburgh Council and Zero Waste Scotland.
The festival will raise the public’s awareness of the whole food agenda and provide everyone with an opportunity to contribute to a big conversation about what sort of food strategy we would like for Edinburgh in the coming years and decades. 
You can find out more about Edible Edinburgh at:
If you would like to volunteer, there are 3 different volunteering opportunities. Please apply through EUSA’s volunteering website to the volunteer role that you would like to take on using the links below.
NOTE: If you are not a student at the University of Edinburgh then you will NOT be able to apply through EUSA volunteering website but look at the different roles listed and instead please with a short application including your:

Which role you are interested in
Availability for that role
Whether you can attend the training if applicable for that role
E-mail address
Phone number.

3 Volunteer Roles:
Social researcher –
Steward –
Practical volunteer (setting up the event) –
If you need further information about the event, please email
We hope that you will join us on 5th October in Bristo Square for this exciting event!

See more details and RSVP on Nourish Scotland:

Apple Festival, 12-4pm, 6th October at the Botanics

Apple Festival

From 12.00 noon — 4.00 pm at the John Hope Gateway

An annual celebration of apples. The Saturday will feature apple advice and identification from 10am whilst the Sunday will include apple juice tasting. See and taste a wide selection of apple varieties from 12pm both days, and find out how to grow them yourself.

This event is also running from 10am – 4pm on Saturday 5 October.

With the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society.

Bill McKibben is talking on Fossil Fuel Divestment in Edinburgh, 30th October

 If it’s wrong to wreck the climate, then it’s wrong to profit from that wreckage.

We’re all connected to institutions that claim to be looking out for the public good, from local councils and governments, to universities, public banks and religious institutions. Many of these institutions, however, continue to support the fossil fuel industry whether we know it or not. Given that we have to leave 80% of the proven reserves of coal, oil and gas in the ground in order to avoid catastrophic changes to our climate, these institutions have a responsibility to stop supporting an industry whose business model is based on wrecking our future.

This autumn Bill McKibben, the crew, and a wide range of climate leaders will hit the road to help build a movement strong enough to change the terrifying maths of the climate crisis. The Fossil Free Europe Tour isn’t your typical lecture – it will include speakers from across social movements, powerful videos, and music from the ground-breaking artist Filastine. Grab a ticket and be part of a unique and complete experience, unlike any talk you’ve been to before.

7-10pm, 30th October, 

Asembly Hall on the Mound
Mound Pl 

Here’s the link to book a ticket:

Pedal powered cinema at Occupy & Transition films, 5th and 12th December

Two films over two weeks re-launching the Transition film evenings (note different times and venues);
*Please keep an eye out for this monthly regular event starting Jan 2012*

Mon 5th Dec. 6pm : Pedal-powered cinema!! with Occupy Edinburgh and Powerpod
Venue : Occupy, St Andrew Square
Screening : Money As Debt

Please come ready to cycle power the film keeping you warm at the same time!!

Money as Debt is a short animated documentary by Paul Grignon about the monetary systems practised through modern banking. The film presents the process of money creation by banks and warns of the economic system itself being the root causes of monetary instability.

* If anyone can bring their bike along to help power the film, we’d appreciate more bikes (with flat surfaced tires)!! Please let Roland know on ; rolandplayle [at] yahoo [dot] com

Mon 12th Dec. 7.30pm
Venue : Brass Monkey pub, 14 Drummond St.
Screening : Age of Stupid

Age of Stupid – film/documentary narrated by an archivist in 2050, looking back and asking `Why didn’t we save ourselves when we had the chance? Director Franny Armstrong (McLibel) used the “crowd-funding” model to finance the film, and then spent four years following seven real people’s stories from around the world to be interweaved: an Indian entrepreneur struggling to start a new low-cost airline, a Shell employee in New Orleans who rescued more than 100 people during Hurricane Katrina, an 82-year-old French mountain guide watching his beloved glaciers melt, two Iraqi refugee children searching for their elder brother, a young woman living in desperate poverty in Nigeria’s richest oil area and a windfarm developer in Britain battling those who don’t want his turbines to spoil their view.

! Help needed !
We need some help promoting and flyering this event which will be a regular monthly gathering from Jan 2012. If you can take some flyers / posters away to put in public places, we’d be grateful for any support. Likewise anyone who can spend an hour or two taking a stroll around your local shops, cafes and libraries to put up posters, will be much loved by many !

Car Free Day Bike & Boat Parade!

Here is the report we sent to who want to use photos of this and other events happening across the planet today to project onto the UN building in New York and let the powers that be know that the people will carry on leading until the leaders follow:

“Here in Portobello, Edinburgh, Scotland, the sun shone and 50 folk turned out on their bicycles to celebrate a world moving beyond fossil fuels.

“Another dozen folk on rowing skiffs from our local rowing club joined in rowing along the shore next to the cyclists as we processed to the site of what we hope will become the first community owned urban turbine in the UK. The bicycles and boats were full of people of all ages, and the cyclists were led by a bike decorated as a great green dragon! With earth flags flying and banners reading “100% renewable energy now” we enjoyed the sunshine and renewed our hope that community action – such as the community orchard and other food growing projects we have begun, and insulation projects and the proposed community turbine – can help ensure our children look back with happiness at what we have done to ensure their lives are blessed with renewable energy and renewed communities.”

We were blessed with wonderful sunshine for Car Free Day 2011 (poster here), and we had a good turnout of all ages, earth flags, bikes, scooters and rowing skiffs.

We met at 2pm at the Cake Stand at the bot­tom of Marlborough Street, waited for the two rowing skiffs to get ready with their earth flags flying, then set off cycling along the Prom to the beach below the pro­posed community turbine site at Seafield. This year Our Car Free Day was held on international ‘Moving Planet’ Day of action (September 24th.)

Some folk spent the morning at the Orch­ard for the Equinox monthly work day and then cycled down to join every­one for the 2pm start. Others joined the ‘Moving Planet: moving beyond fossil fuels’ March and Rally at Holyrood before cycling down to join our bike and boat parade. Others managed to finish the shopping, or even get out of bed, in time to join us!

We had thought of holding a time trial (see­ing how well a car, a bike, a skate­board, a skiff do racing against each other if none of them are fossil fuelled!) but were informed by the police that all vehicles (except work vehicles) are banned from the Prom – which is a very good thing!

Ok, why not try to guess which of these four photos chose to run with, and then think what title they might have given it?

You can find out the photo and the unexpected title by clicking HERE!

Getting Scotland Self-building

The Scottish Self-build Forum are hosting a one-day workshop on how to increase the number of people building their own home, on Wednesday 21st September. The day will explore the opportunities for a more accessible self build sector throughout Scotland, to help boost local economies and provide better, more affordable (and we hope more carbon neutral!) homes. The event is free for up to two delegates per organisation. More information is available here.

Back our Energyshare bid to boost community power

What the proposed wind turbine might look like

Artist's impression of the proposed wind turbine

A unique partnership between two Edinburgh community groups has been established to develop a community owned wind turbine on the coast between Portobello and Leith.

We would really appreciate it if you, your family, neighbours and friends back our bid by clicking on the title in the box on the right to reach the website, and registering your support for our turbine project!

PEDAL – Portobello Transition Town and Greener Leith have joined forces to conduct detailed feasibility work on a site within the Seafield Waste Water Treatment Works. Early surveys suggest a wind turbine on this site has the potential to generate enough renewable energy to supply the annual electricity needs of 300-1300 households, depending on the size of turbine installed. Continue reading

The UK Green Film Festival, Glasgow, 20-22nd May

This is a brand new, not-for-profit, festival, taking place at Glasgow Film Theatre showcasing films and filmmakers engaged with environmental and climate change themes. The programme of films and events is designed to appeal to everyone, including families and schools. This fun and informative festival will also feature filmmaker Q&As, debates and fringe events.

Check for programme updates.


Want to be part of Scotland’s first ever online election debate on climate change?

Climate Change Election Debate
Wednesday 13th April, 7.30 – 9pm

The Scottish elections are coming up fast.  Stop Climate Chaos Scotland is campaigning to keep climate change firmly on the political agenda, and we need your support.

We’d love you to take part in the Climate Day Election Debate – a fantastic opportunity to ask your burning questions about climate change to your future politicians from the comfort of your own living room.

Exactly three weeks today, the event will be broadcast over the internet starting at 7.30pm. Tune in online to watch the debate and post your questions by email, Facebook or Twitter, for party spokespeople to answer live.

Your involvement will help ensure our future politicians understand just how important tackling climate change is to the people of Scotland.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to make a big difference.

Register your interest and ask your question today on Facebook or by email.

Find out more about the debate

Gail Wilson
Stop Climate Chaos Scotland Co-ordinator