Picnic at the Portobello Market


Let’s keep that hol­i­day going and have a pic­nic in the park at the next Portobello Market!!!

We’ll have lots of tables & chairs scattered about and there will be great food to be had for your pic­nic:

There’s fresh bread and cheese plus some Italian char­cu­ter­ie, along­side dips and pickles; there’s healthy greens, tasty pies and saus­age rolls, includ­ing vegy ver­sions, plus hot filled rolls and vegy dump­lings, fin­ished with freshly brewed cof­fee, or a sift drink, and cake.

You should be pretty full after that lot, all accom­pan­ied buy a little live music too!

If you’re inspired to cook some­thing up your­self at home after­wards, we have a vast range of organ­ic meats, ven­ison bur­gers and saus­ages, and make sure you vis­it the art, fur­niture, soap and ceram­ics stalls.

You bet­ter get here early to fit all that in!

We open at 9.30 and run until 1.30pm in Brighton Park, off Brighton Place, Portobello.

Check out the web­site for a full list of all the traders attend­ing this month.

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The next mar­ket is on Saturday 1st September.

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