Electric Bungalow Community Garden


Members of the Electric Bungalow Community Garden would like to thank the wider community in Portobello for all their support and encouragement after the garden on Bath Street was bulldozed last Thursday.

bath st memorial

Please feel free to drop by and add something (perhaps draw a flower on the pavement, weave cloth or wool into the fence) to add to our memorial just outside.

The group is considering our next steps and will post plans on the facebook group and the PEDAL website in due course.

One response to “Electric Bungalow Community Garden

  1. I live in Bath Street and know the site. How did it come to nothing in all those years?
    I moved to Portobello about 23 years ago and I love it. It has a buzz about it but I’m sorry to see the small shops dissapearing, Woodwares (the best handy for anything shop), Lonie the electrician and those big shops (Red Giant) who sold anything and everything.
    Please can you tell me about ” The Electric Bungalow”. I’m interested to hear what it’s all about.
    Thankyou, Leslie

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