Sorry  today’s event is unfortunately cancelled due to persistent rain.

You are all invited to the wassail at PEDAL’s Donkeyfield Community Orchard on Saturday 25th January at 2pm – 4pm.

January is wassailing time.  This is traditionally the time for singing rowdy songs in orchards to celebrate the harvest from the previous year, chase away evil spirits and so ensure a good crop in the coming season.  Please bring noise making equipment (drums, whistles, pans), bread to hang on the trees, apple juice to soak the bread in, and wear scary clothes if you wish, to scare away any evil spirits that may be lurking…

There will be a singing workshop to learn some traditional wassailing songs for the PEDAL wassail on Wednesday 15th January at 7.00-9.00pm at 7 Rosefield Avenue.  Cost £5/£3 per person to raise money for the orchard.  All welcome – songs will be taught by ear so no singing experience or ability to read music required.  Children and young people welcome providing they are able to concentrate and join in. Please contact Jane Lewis if you wish to come.

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