Nature is not for sale, 21st November, 6.30pm, St Augustine’s Church, George IV Bridge

WDM Edinburgh is holding the Forum on Natural Commons to stand up to global finance and share ideas to protect the our natural world for the benefit of all.

Why? Because the United Nations, governments and global financial institutions will be meeting at the same time in Edinburgh to plan how to put a price on nature so it can be bought and sold as a commodity.  So far this practice has utterly failed to stop the destruction of our forests, climate and biodiversity.  That’s why we’re coming together to discuss alternatives to selling off the global commons.

We’ll be sharing good food and ideas with some of the worlds leading thinkers on radical global ecosystem protection, including Brazilian activist Camila Moreno, with more speakers to be announced.

A light dinner will also be provided.  You can take part on 21 November by registering for free on our website now:

Augustine United Church
41 George IV Bridge
EH1 1EL Edinburgh

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