‘Strictly Cycling’ Cycle Ballet: Car Free Day/ Bike Full Day, 11am, 1st September

Not so much Car Free Day as Bike Full Day – Sunday September 1st 2013!

Strictly Cycling (Raysto Images)

Strictly Cycling (Raysto Images!

Strictly Cycling is an exciting new ‘cycle-about’ show combining improvisation, choreography and visual performance. The performance plays with the everyday events and experiences of riding a bike, adding a hint of the surreal and comical, to change the way you think about cycling and your city spaces.

Strictly Cycling is a strolling / cycling, promenade-style performance inspired by the flash mob phenomenon. 

The performance will last about 30minutes.  Then the company will take a break from 11.30 to 12.30 before setting off from the Cake stand on the Prom at the bottom of Marlborough Street to cycle along the promenade to Leith links, with as many cycle mob followers as feel like joining them! So come to the performance outside the Town Hall at 11am and

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then join in for as much of the cycle ride along the Prom and then the cycle track to the Mela at Leith Links as you feel like.


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