Support the Community Turbine DEMO TOMORROW (Saturday 28th April) at TEN!

PEDAL and Greener Leith have hit a stumbling block in negotiations over the deal to enable the Portobello & Leith Community Wind Turbine to be built on Scottish Water’s land.
We really need local people to come along to show their support for the project on this tomorrow, Saturday 28th April. Please please meet on the Prom at the slip road behind the Dog & Cat Home at 10AM and we will walk/cycle/scoot to the turbine site. Also can anyone make a banner? If so contact justinkenrick [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk.
Press photographers will be present.
Please pass this message on – we only have until tomorrow!

4 responses to “Support the Community Turbine DEMO TOMORROW (Saturday 28th April) at TEN!

  1. Jonathan Russell

    Are all residents in favour of this 125m turbine? Why should this be fostered on our Seafield shoreline when Donald Trump clearly thinks that 9 miles out to sea is too close!

    • Thanks for your comment Jonathan. It’s not necessarily the case that the turbine would be 125M high, it could be as low as 85M. If you hold the same views as Donald Trump, that’s your perogative. However the vast majority of folk in Scotland don’t seem to – see for the latest independent research that shows the majority (80%) of Scotland respondents do not feel that wind farms spoil the look of the Scottish countryside. Also, with this proposed turbine, all of the surpluses would go towards local regeneration projects. So it would be quite different from a purely private developer led project.

  2. What is the nature of the stumbling block? I’d like to know before making any commitment.

    • Fair comment Ann. We didn’t want to say too much as it’s a bit of a catch 22 – we’ve given the story to Sunday Herald as an exclusive so they might be a touch annoyed if we said too much before the story goes out. Basically the US fanaciers who fund the PFI deal at Seafield Sewage Works are saying they want cast iron indemnities in case the turbine damages the sewage works. Fair enough. But they will only accept this from Scottish Water – which is 100% owned by Scottish Ministers – and Scottish Water are saying no. We’ve looked at the risks involved and the chances of an incident are minute. So given the potential benefits form the turbine, we think it’s reasonable to ask Scottish Water to do this.

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