Porto-Velo — a new local, community-based cycling club

Any PEDAL sup­porter will already know that cyc­ling is one of the green­est ways to get about, whether that is for fit­ness, for fun, or to enjoy the great coun­tryside within reach.  And par­ents will already know that get­ting chil­dren out on their bikes can be a great way to get them enjoy­ing the out­doors and devel­op­ing their con­fid­ence and sense of inde­pend­ence.  But it’s often easier to motiv­ate your­self — or the kids — to go cyc­ling if you know there will be other like-minded folk to share the exper­i­ence.  That’s why a group of local cyc­lists (and par­ents) have set up Porto-Velo — a new local, community-based cyc­ling club that aims to pro­mote cyc­ling for all.  Starting on 22 April, there will be weekly Sunday fit­ness rides, start­ing at 9 am from the band­stand at the east end of the Prom.  These will offer var­ied routes of up to around 60 miles, but always with shorter options for people with less time or exper­i­ence.  During the sum­mer, there will also be fam­ily excur­sions for par­ents and their chil­dren, and easier entry-level rides for adults (depend­ing on demand).  If you are inter­ested in find­ing out more, please check out the web­site, www.porto-velo.com, send an e-mail to info [at] porto-velo [dot] com, or come along to the Dalriada (on the Prom) from 9 pm on Thursdays (from 12 April).   

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