Porto-Velo – a new local, community-based cycling club

Any PEDAL supporter will already know that cycling is one of the greenest ways to get about, whether that is for fitness, for fun, or to enjoy the great countryside within reach.  And parents will already know that getting children out on their bikes can be a great way to get them enjoying the outdoors and developing their confidence and sense of independence.  But it’s often easier to motivate yourself – or the kids – to go cycling if you know there will be other like-minded folk to share the experience.  That’s why a group of local cyclists (and parents) have set up Porto-Velo – a new local, community-based cycling club that aims to promote cycling for all.  Starting on 22 April, there will be weekly Sunday fitness rides, starting at 9 am from the bandstand at the east end of the Prom.  These will offer varied routes of up to around 60 miles, but always with shorter options for people with less time or experience.  During the summer, there will also be family excursions for parents and their children, and easier entry-level rides for adults (depending on demand).  If you are interested in finding out more, please check out the website, www.porto-velo.com, send an e-mail to info [at] porto-velo [dot] com, or come along to the Dalriada (on the Prom) from 9 pm on Thursdays (from 12 April).   

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