Orchard is waking up

applesGreetings from the Orchard. This is an update on the orchard going  to all those who have been along to help since the first shovel of earth was dug in 2009. We had our first workday of 2012 on the last Saturday in February 2012. It was warm, the crocuses were out and the bees were venturing out from the hive.

We were able to start putting up the wires for the fruit trees against the large stone wall. Nearly finished the wooden furniture. We build another section of the dry stone wall and checked all the labels on the fruit trees. Sadly we also cut down the old apple tree which died last season. We also drank tea and coffee and ate biscuits and looked at what we all achieved last year.

Here are some of the things that happened at the orchard in 2011.

  • We planted 50 trees and bushes
  • We started building a low dry stonewall along the path
  • We put in a table and two benches
  • The bee keepers got to work. The hive was put in place and the bees made honey
  • We had a wonderful Apple Day attended by 50 people and made a huge amount of apple juice
  • We continued the work of keeping the trees free from weeds and strimmed the area
  • Sadly the shed was broken into and some of the apples disappeared
  • It rained too much but luckily not on workdays.
  • We had our Wassailing celebration on a crisp Saturday morning in January

We were able to to as much as we did because of money from the Climate Challenge Fund to pay for trees etc. We also had paid workers but sadly they finished in early spring. We have used up the grant money for trees & tools but a great deal has been achieved.  Most important has been the volunteers and visitors. It is the community who make happen with the help from mother nature. So thanks to all who helped in 2011.  We are looking forward to the year ahead and please come and join in whatever way you can.

Our first job on our next Workday  Saturday 31st March will be to put up the supports for the apple tunnel and plant the trees. Further workdays:

  • Saturday 28th April
  • Saturday 26th May
  • Saturday 30th June
  • Saturday 28th July
  • Saturday 25th August
  • Saturday 29th Sept
  • Saturday 27th October
  • Saturday 24th November

If you want to know more ring: Mary Jane Elton 669 5129  or  Diana Cairns 669 4981

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  1. Hi there,

    I would love to see how my project, the Ragged University, can support the excellent work you are doing. Ragged Sustainability is run by Susan Brown at Manchester University and we are keen to highlight any ecology/sustainability work which is going on especially if people can get involved. It would be good if you could let me know details of how people can help out on your project and if you would consider writing an article about the inspiration and aims of your project so that we can point people in your direction.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards


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